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NITheCS Colloquium: DIRISA: A National Infrastructure for Data Democracy
Start: 19/02/2024, 16:00
End: 19/02/2024, 17:00
Contact:Rene Kotze -
Location: Neelsie Cinema, Stellenbosch University, and Online

​​Research data is used and generated by players in the research and innovation ecosystem, and has to be managed to harness its value in the National System of Innovation (NSI). DIRISA (Data Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa) is a relatively recent addition to the National Integrated Cyber Infrastructure System (NICIS). In line with the mandate of NICIS, DIRISA focuses on value adding, complementary offerings by differentiating itself through a portfolio of cloud-based services for research data management and data intensive research. The main objective of DIRISA is the provision of a national research data infrastructure together with these services. These[U1]  are briefly presented together with activities implementing the other objectives of DIRISA. In conclusion, the value of emergent notions of FAIR and Open Data are considered in the context of strategic priorities.

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