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Introduction to Quantum Thermodynamics: An Open Systems Perspective
Start: 07/02/2024, 14:00
End: 28/02/2024, 15:00
Contact:Rene Kotze -
Location: Online

Dr. Graeme Pleasance will cover some of the basic principles and applications of quantum thermodynamics in his lectures, focusing on its nonequilibrium formulation according to the theory of open quantum systems. He will start by providing a brief review of preliminary concepts, including foundational quantum mechanics and equilibrium descriptions of quantum systems. Then, he will discuss the dynamics of open quantum systems within the framework of Markovian master equations, which are relevant to systems weakly coupled to one or more thermal reservoirs. This will lead into deriving the first and second laws of thermodynamics, relating concepts of work, heat, and entropy. Applications to quantum thermal machines such as heat engines will also be considered. Finally, he will outline extensions of the framework to strongly interacting open systems.

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