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Global Week 2023
Start: 09/10/2023, 17:00
End: 12/10/2023, 20:00
Contact:Bantu Louw -
Location: Stellenbosch University Campus

Global Week is about fostering a sense of global citizenship among our student body, promoting internationalisation at home as well as sharing some of the internationalisation abroad opportunities for our local students. Global week for us is also about celebrating the diversity that enriches our world as internationalisation practitioners at SU international.  

Join us from 9- 12 October for the following events:

Monday, 09 October : Sustainability World Café

Location: Heemstede Residence-Ditsem Hall

Time 17:00- 20:00

Tuesday, 10 October:

Summer School Exhibition & Study Abroad Scholarships Info Session

Location: SUI Quad, First floor Krotoa Building

Time: 12:00- 14:00

SU Japan Centre – Free Movie Night

Screening: Spirited Away

Location: Room 1012, Krotoa Building

17:00 -20:00

Rsvp here.​

Wednesday, 11 October: Study Abroad Fair

Rooiplein/Red Square

10:00 -14:00

Thursday, 12 October: International Food Evening

Location: Academia Hall

Time:  18:00 -22:00