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Cyanotype printing (Sun printing) workshop with prof Leanne Dreyer
Start: 12/10/2023, 10:00
End: 12/10/2023, 14:00
Contact:Razelle Galant -
Location: Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden

In this workshop we will play with cyanotype printing (also known as sun prints), one of the oldest photographic printing methods, that has gained popularity as an interesting art form in recent years.

​We will work with sheets of cardboard that has been painted with a mixture of sun-sensitive chemicals. A variety of interesting dried leaves, twirly stems, feathers and other nature-inspired objects will be made available for making your very own prints. You are also welcome to bring own objects along – the only pre-requisites are that they should be dry, relatively thin, and fit onto an A4 sized sheet of paper.)

We will arrange our objects onto the painted sheets in an interesting way, cover them with glass / Perspex covers to hold the objects in place, and then expose our artworks to sunlight. Ultra-violet rays will react with the print during the short exposure time, whereafter we will wash our prints, and witness the most amazing hues of blue emerging on the unmasked background, while portions of our pictures covered by out biological objects will remain white.

During subsequent rounds of printing, we will add salt and diverse other substances to our prints to explore the interesting special effects can be created in this way.

All levels are welcome. This workshop is designed for those with no prior knowledge of using cyanotype.

Cost: R300 will include:

Entrance to the Botanical Garden

Interesting dried leaves, twirly stems, feathers and other nature-inspired objects

Glass/Perspex covers

All materials are included


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