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Siyakhula Staff Workshop Series
Start: 25/05/2023, 10:00
End: 25/05/2023, 12:30
Contact:Grizelda Adams -
Location: SU Museum, Reyneveld Street, Stellenbosch

​​​​The Restitution Statement of 2018 highlights the need for Stellenbosch University to engage in deeply transformative work to foster an inclusive institutional culture. Institutional responses to transformation often pay little attention to the ways in which exclusionary institutional cultures inflict psychological harm to individuals and groups who are on the receiving end of such violence. The expression “I can't breathe" evoked by the cultural moment of Black Lives Matter provides a powerful literal and metaphoric expression of the psychological harms resulting from exclusionary violence. This calls on institutions to mainstream personal and collective well-being in their strategies of resistance and inclusion. At the core of this workshop is an exploration of self-care and community care practices to cultivate personal and collective well-being as a transformative practice.

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