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EMS graduation ceremonies
Start: 08/12/2022, 09:00
End: 08/12/2022, 19:00
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Location: Coetzenburgsentrum / Centre

Stellenbosch University will host its end-of-year graduation series from 5 to 9 December 2022 at the Coetzenburg Centre, situated on the Coetzenburg sports grounds.

The graduation ceremonies of students of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences will be held on Thursday, 8 December 2022:​

Economic and Management SciencesGroup 18 December 2022 at 09:00
Economic and Management SciencesGroup 28 December 2022 at 13:00
Economic and Management SciencesGroup 38 December 2022 at 17:00
Economic and Management Sciences - Group 1BCom (Industrial Psychology)
BCom (International Business)
BCom (Law)
BCom (Management Sciences)
BCom (Mathematical Sciences)
BCom Hons (Business Management)
BCom Hons (Financial Risk Management)
BCom Hons (Human Resources Management)
BCom Hons (Industrial Psychology)
BCom Hons (Logistics Management)
BCom Hons (Mathematical Statistics)
BCom Hons (Operations Research)
BCom Hons (Statistics)
BCom Hons (Transport Economics)
MCom (Business Management)
MCom (Financial Risk Management)
MCom (Human Resources Management)
MCom (Industrial Psychology)
MCom (Logistics Management)
MCom (Mathematical Statistics)
MCom (Operational Research)
MCom (Quantitative Management)
MCom (Statistics)
MCom (Taxation)
MCom (Transport Economics)
MPhil (HIV/AIDS management)
PGDip (Marketing)
PGDip (HIV/AIDS Management)
PGDip (Strategic Human Resource Management)
PGDip (Transport and Logistics)
PhD (Business Management)
PhD (HIV/AIDS Management)
PhD (Industrial Psychology)
PhD (Logistics)
PhD (Logistics Management)
PhD (Mathematical Statistics)
PhD (Transport Economics)
PhD (Operational Research)
PhD (Statistics)
Economic and Management Sciences - Group 2B Accounting
BCom (Actuarial Sciences)
BCom (Economic Sciences)
BCom (Financial Accounting)
BCom (Management Accounting)
PGD (Accounting)
PGD (Actuarial Science)
BCom Hons (Actuarial Sciences)
BCom Hons (Economics)
BCom Hons (Management Accounting)
MCom (Actuarial Science)
MCom (Computer Auditing)
MCom (Economics)
PhD (Accounting)
PhD (Agricultural Economics)
PhD (Economics)
Economic and Management Sciences - Group 3Diploma in Public Accountability
Advanced Diploma in Public Accountability
Dip (Sustainable Development)
PGDip (Business Management and Administration)
PGDip (Development Finance)
PGDip (Environmental Man)
PGDip (Financial Planning)
PGDip (Futures Studies)
PGDip (Leadership Development)
PGDip (Project Management)
PGDip (Public Financial Management)
PGDip (Sustainable Development)
B in Public Admin Hons
BCom Hons (Public and Development Management)
MCom (Public and Development Management)
MPhil (Development Finance)
MPhil (Environmental Management)
MPhil (Futures Studies)
MPhil (Management Coaching)
MPhil (Sustainable Development Planning and Management)
PhD (Business Management and Administration)
PhD (Development Finance)
PhD (Public and Development Management)
PhD (Sustainable Development Planning and Management)