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Auxin: Information literacy and academic literacies to support SU lecturers
Start: 26/07/2022, 12:45
End: 26/07/2022, 13:45
Contact:Lucy Lucks - 021 808 3717
Location: Virtual: MS Teams

​​​​The Topic

Creating information smart students – librarians and their hidden role in the teaching agenda at Stellenbosch University

Being able to navigate the world of information is a necessity at university level for students and staff alike – understanding how to do research, the resources that are available and being able to evaluate the resources in your own context is a skill that many need to master to be able to make it through their university degree. It is sometimes assumed that this skill is learnt as a by-product of assignments and results, but it should be highlighted that the university has a (hidden) treasure trove of expertise to teach these crucial skills: librarians. 

Librarians are involved at the request of lecturers to help improve students' ability to find, understand and evaluate information, amongst other information literacy skills. These skills can equip students to excel in their studies from first year, if the faculty involve librarians. We would like to showcase how librarians have been involved in teaching within the university, and share some of the successes and skills that perhaps are not widely known to inspire more faculty to collaborate successfully with their librarians. 

We would also like to share these so that faculty realise they do not need to be experts in this field, and that they have support in teaching skills such as referencing, reading academic information, evaluating information and more. 

Through such partnerships, not only do the faculty and the library benefit from it, but the students feel more equipped to be able to navigate. To quote from the majority of students after their first session with a librarian: “Why wasn't I taught this in first year?"

The Speakers

Mrs Elizabeth Moll-Willlard & Mr Jeremiah Pietersen

Elizabeth is a faculty librarian in the SU Library and Information Services, specifically linked to the AgriSciences Faculty. She has a passion for teaching and research support within the university.

Jeremiah looks after learning and training in the SU Library and Information Services. As part of this role, he looks at the developing the training expertise and capacity across the library services.

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Enquiries & Booking

Lucy Lucks
021 808 3717

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