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Social Sciences Universities' Network Webinar Series
Start: 18/11/2020, 14:00
End: 02/12/2020, 15:00
Contact:SSUN Website -
Location: Online

​​​The Social Sciences Universities Network promotes cooperation between universities in talent training, scientific research, academic innovation, as well as policy and regulation formulation. Member universities actively participate in global governance and act as pacemakers of higher education in the humanities and the social sciences. The Network represents a broad and convenient platform of communication for researchers, professors, and students. It allows developing high-quality exchange programs and provides opportunities to conduct joint research projects and to foster academic innovation.

Please visit the network website for more information on the network and opportunities available to the member universities' staff and students:

SSUN Website

 The SSUN is currently hosting a series of webinars to discuss and investigate Artificial Intelligence from multiple perspectives, with the participation of scholars from SSUN Member Institutions. To receive the credentials to attend any of the webinars, please refer to


SU scholar Prof GJ van Rooyen will be hosting a session on 2 December on 'AI and the Digital Economy'.


He will provide a brief overview on current work and future opportunities in using the vast amounts of proximate and remote sensing data in agriculture to better improve yield predictions, manage crop disease, etc.


Webinar dates:

*Times for each webinar intended to be CET, UTC + 1


18 NOVEMBER 2:00 PM-3:10 PM

AI and the Future Rule of Law


25 NOVEMBER 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

AI and Public Governance


2 DECEMBER 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

AI and the Digital Economy



SSUN Webinar Programme details: SSUN Webinars on AI and Big Data