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UNODC-SIGLA Maritime security Round Table on Africa
Start: 04/09/2019, 15:00
End: 26/09/2019, 13:00
Contact:Prof Francois Vreÿ - 0825934225
Location: Protea Hotel Technopark Stellenbosch

​This public round table on 26 September, 16:30 at the Protea Hotel, Technopark, Stellenbosch takes stock of the debate on maritime security off Africa, and asks what the problems and potential solutions are: Why do African states and regions not undertake more efforts in managing and securing their seas? Is it because of all the other problems, from poverty, violence to corruption, that African states and regions are facing? Is it too difficult to convince voters that the maritime matters? Is it the lack of leadership or of knowledge and capacities? Are there too many administrative hurdles?  Because of too little international support? Is it concerns over blue grabbing, that the benefits of the blue economy end up in the hands of big corporations? Or is it perhaps that AIMS and the Lomé Charter are badly drafted and just offer too little guidance and direction?  Please RSVP to or 0825934225 by 18 September 2019.