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Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity Available:​​​
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Postdoctoral Fellowship

Department of Horticulture & Department of Mechanical  Engineering (collaborative)

Scope of Research: Digital Shadowing of Citrus Supply: Optimising Market Rentention and Access

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15  July 2024Dr Tarl Berry​
Postdoctoral Fellowship

Department of Forest & Wood Science

Scope of Research: Understanding water-use and carbon sequestration strategies and efficiencies between young eucalypts, from planting to about 2 years, grown at differing levels of physiological stress. 

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30 June 2024
Dr David Drew
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

African Rainbow Minerals (RAM) Chair in GeoMetallurgy.
Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Earth Science

Research Focus: To derive additional value from low grade manganese resources, including those currently found as tailings material at surface.

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15 June 2024
Dr Bjorn Von der Heyden
Postdoctoral Fellowship

DSI/NRF SARChi Research Chair in the Sociology of Land, Environment and Sustainable Development. 

Scope of Research: Socio-ecological concerns and  environmental anthropology. 

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1 June 2024
Prof Steven Robins
Postdoctoral Fellowship

Department of Industrial Engineering

Research Focus: Exploring Dual-Use Item Regulations and Innovating Compliance Strategies.

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31 May 2024
Dr Cornelia Malherbe  or 
Prof Corne Schutte 

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Stellenbosch Business School

Research Focus: Entrepreneurship in the context of extreme poverty and conflict.

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30 May 2024
Ms Esmari Huysamen
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science

Scope of Research; Solid-state supramolecular chemistry - structure-property relationships of molecular crystals, multi-component molecular materials, computational structural chemistry, high pressure crystallography.

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27 May 2024
Prof Len Barbour and/or Prof Catherine Esterhuysen and/or
Prof Delia Haynes

Postdoctoral  Research Fellowship


Department of Economics

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15 January 2024
 (or until the position is filled)

Prof Guangling Liu​
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship:
Eco-evolutionary modelling of biodiversity changes in open adaptive communities.​

Scope of Research: This project aims to use mathematical and statistical tools to monitor and predict the dynamics and patterns of community transitions when facing cross-scale stressors, such as habitat loss, biological invasions, and climate change. It brings together advanced mathematical models and statistical methods with real biodiversity data to create in-depth understanding of how ecological communities and interaction networks assemble and operate in changing environments. ​

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This call remains open until filled or 31/12/2028
​Ms JE Swart