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​​​​Postdoctoral Research Fellowship​

Extractive Metallurgy - Tailings Remediation​

Hosts: Department of Process Engineering

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Dr Magreth Tudie
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship​

Applying the Tools of Data Science to Conflict Analysis

 The Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement (ACDS) 

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Dr Lara Skelly
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship​

Research Theme: Environmental Governance and Communication

Topic: Renewable energy discourse in the South African news​

Host: School of Public Leadership 

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​11 November 2021
Prof Martin de Wit
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship​
in Sport and Exercise Medicine 

Area of postdoctoral research:
Injury prevention and the protection of athlete health​

30 September 2021
​Mrs Lindi Deck 
​​Postdoctoral Research Fellowship​

Examining the economics of the forgotten sector: non-profit organisations in a changing South Africa

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​31 October 2021
​Prof Ronelle Burger