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​​With shrinking budget allocations and rising need for public services, public sector organisations are being required to go well beyond compliance to ensure value-for-money and developmental impact in their programme delivery, while keeping up with technology advances and engaging with stakeholders.​

Effectively performing the functions of budgeting, financial management, accounting and reporting specialist in national and provincial treasuries, the offices of chief financial officer in national and provincial departments and in municipalities requires a wide range of skills, knowledge and professional ethics and competences.

If you are a mid-career civil servant wanting to professionalise your career as public sector finance specialists, or you are a manager with an undergraduate qualification in another discipline who currently has a financial management delegation and realises that future career progress depends on acquiring more public financial management skills, this higher-education diploma will give you the opportunity to learn how:

  • Budgeting can be integrated with strategic and operational planning to support organisational goals and objectives, and support effective risk management
  • Macroeconomic factors, the fiscal framework and the intergovernmental budget process influence departmental and municipal allocations, as well as programme budgets;
  • Manage a budget process effectively, from the budget formulation and decision-making stages, to effective and efficient financial management, reporting and auditing
  • Understand how information technology systems and governance impact on public financial management and the control environment.

Both the content and modes of presentation are modularised to ensure an integrated teaching and practice learning approach.​​​



PGDip Public Finance Management

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