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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Department of Business Management

This Department is one of the leading departments of its kind in South Africa. Our highly skilled lecturers are at the forefront of developments in the business world. Consequently, we can offer programmes designed to develop skills currently much in demand in the modern business world (both nationally and internationally).​​​

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing offers students with an acceptable Bachelor's degree (also from other fields than economic sciences) the opportunity to specialise in marketing. It is a one ­year, full-­time programme, offering lectures in the evening.​

Full-time Honours ​​programmes are offered, specialising in the following fields of study within Business Management:

The programme in Financial Analysis prepares students for the international qualification of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) of the CFA Institute.

Lectures are during the day. Examinations are taken in June and November. The programmes include an assignment to develop research and reporting skills in aid of decision making regarding a business problem.

Modules for honours programmes

The following modules are electives for honours programmes:

  •   Advanced marketing management: Revises content annually, in line with prevailing circumstances in marketing, to focus on contemporary speciality fields of marketing such as green marketing, Internet marketing and consumer privacy.
  • ​  Advanced strategic management: Fosters a comprehensive grasp of strategic management and a critical innovative ability to think in a transformative way about strategic management.
  •  Corporate venturing: Explores the growth and profit potential and the viability of self-sustainable projects in established companies.
  •  Financial derivative instruments: Focuses on the theory and practice of derivative instruments such as forwards, futures, options and interest rate swap contracts.
  •   Financial management: Focuses on such topics as fund flow analysis, financial strategy and the investment decision.
  •  Fixed interest securities (bonds): Focuses on the different valuation techniques applicable to bonds, as well as aspects to be considered when compiling a portfolio of bonds.
  •   International marketing: Explores the demands of marketing products and services in international markets. Focuses on topics such as the international marketing environment, opportunity analysis and international marketing research, and the formulation of global marketing strategies.
  •   International business: Prepares students for the demanding arena of global business. Provides students with the skills to analyse global business drivers, global strategic levers and organisational factors and to create decision-making alternatives.
  •   Managing innovation and breakthrough ideas: Develops the tools to exploit breakthrough ideas and to strategically manage innovation in large businesses and small entrepreneurial projects.
  •   Marketing communication: Analyse marketing communication to develop technical and conceptual skills, especially in a multicultural environment.
  •  Marketing research: Leads students through the various phases of scientific research focused on generating information that may assist in addressing marketing problems.
  •  Organisational diagnoses and mentoring: Focuses on how well the organisation is functioning as a system, and whether all its parts are functioning in unison within the broader objectives of the organisation.
  •  Portfolio management: Focuses on portfolio management for individuals and institutions, the asset allocation decision, equity portfolio management strategies, portfolio performance evaluation and attribution, portfolio management in a global context and behavioural finance.
  •  Property investment and finance: Focuses on such topics as property economics, property investment and the impact of capital gains tax, property finance and securitisation, and the composition of property portfolios.
  •  Short-term insurance: Focuses on aspects such as risk management and the most important types of insurance.
  •  Value-based financial management: Focuses on the application of value-based financial management principles in business evaluation and valuation, while considering the effect that corporate social responsibility plays during this process.
​The Master's programme in Business Management is offered full-time (one year) or part-time (two years). Students write a ​​thesis on any approved topic in business management. The minimum requirement for an application to be considered is an Honours in Business Management degree awarded by a university. 

The PhD in Business Management is offered full-time or part-time. Students complete a scientific thesis about any approved topic in Business Management. The minimum requirement for an application to be considered is a Master's degree in Business Management awarded by a university.

POSTGRADUATE qualifications

  • BComHons (Business Management)
  •    Specialisations in - 
  •        ​Financial Analysis​
  •        Financial Management​
  •        ​Marketing Management
  •        ​​Strategy and Innovation

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