If you are an employer, you can recruit and connect with Stellenbosch University (SU) students through various events, activities and platforms. These include participating in University career fairs, conducting on-campus recruitment interviews and assessments, or adverting opportunities in our Graduate Recruitment Programme Booklet.

​If companies wish to participate in any activities or events, contact the Unit at 021 808 3568 or e-mail careerservices@sun.ac.za. Companies can also register on Gradlinc to advertise job vacancies, connect with students, and register for events.  ​


​Could you send me a list of all the top students or a list of students in a specific degree course or faculty?

By law, we are not permitted to disclose any student contact details and therefore cannot provide you with any student information. You are welcome to register on Grandlinc and choose one of their recruitment packages to get your opportunities to our students.

Our company has a vacancy that needs to be filled immediately. Can we advertise the position ​to your graduates?

We do not keep a database of students who have already graduated. Once students graduate, their university e-mail addresses become invalid and they cannot be contacted. We suggest that the vacancy be advertised on our careers portal, Gradlinc, where interested graduates can see it. 
Our company has started a graduate programme and would like to advertise this to students who graduate at the end of the year. Is this possible?

We can advertise your programme to enrolled students by means of a mailshot. All you have to do is supply us with content for an e-mail (no attachments and the content should not exceed 100 KB), which we will forward to our students. A fee is payable for this service. Please send your requests to careerservices@sun.ac.za​​​​.

What do you offer employers?

We offer employers office space to conduct interviews with our students or rooms where written assessments could be conducted. In addition, employers could advertise in our Graduate Recruitment booklet and register to access our careers portal, Gradlinc