​​​The Reconciliation and Justice Unit is directly motivated by Dr Beyers Naudé's example of responsible citizenship and involvement​R&J Unit.jpg in society on the basis of Christian theological convictions; his courageous quest for justice and life of dignity for all members of society; his humbleness and docility which foster a culture of dialogue and deliberation; and his commitment to the cause of the poor, the destitute, the wronged and the marginalised. This Unit is at the heart of the life of Dr Beyers Naudé​ and therefore, directly in line with his humility, legacy, vision and ethos that he embodied during his lifetime. ​

The Unit aims to:

  • Strengthen the public voice of Christians through the development of creative ways of articulating religious, specifically Christian, moral positions in the pluralistic public spheres; 

  • Enable Christians to effectively participate with partners from various religious and nonreligious traditions in pluralistic public moral discourses; 

  • Provide space where public themes can specifically be discussed from Christian perspectives; 

  • Enhance national and international moral deliberation on themes of public importance amongst Christian scholars and opinion makers from various confessional, socio-economic and ethnic affiliations; 

  • Deepen the quality of existing public discourses; 

  • I​nitiate discourses on important themes which are not addressed and provide room for marginalized discourses. ​​​