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BTh Hybrid


The Hybrid B. Th is the known accredited B. Th degree offered in a hybrid modality, meaning that it is taught both face – to – face (in class) as well as online. It is a programme that's based on the conviction that “the doors of learning shall be opened to all" and that the injustices of the past should be addressed.


The programme's focus is on people from previously disadvantaged communities whom, for several reasons (socio-political, cultural, religious, and economical etc.) did not have the opportunity to study. It is people who may not have passed matric to gain entrance to higher learning institutions and are employed, full-time or part-time. Some may have studied previously and wants to pursue a degree at the SU to build their own capacity and to adhere to “a higher calling". In many instances it is also to improve their family's socio-economic circumstances and play a greater role as agents of change in their communities.



The B.Th. Hybrid Programme started as a pilot project of the Ekklesia Center with the SU Faculty of Theology in 2019 with the first group of students. It is now in its 4th year with the very good prospects as the first group of students completing 4 years of study and receiving their B.Th. degree.

An in-depth look at all regulations and rules protecting academic standards and fairness to all students was undertaken whereafter it was decided that the Extended Learning B.Th. Program could be implemented at the University and Faculty of Theology. The content of the course is the same as the current B.Th. Course and the teaching is done by the same Academic Staff/Lecturers of the SU. The University allows for accrediting students for prior learning (RPL)[1].  

The difference is that the hybrid B.Th. is done in a hybrid modality which means that part of the classes is done in block weeks each quarter and that it is compulsory for the students to attend. The rest of the classes during each quarter are done online. Tasks and assignments are submitted online but tests and exams are written on campus together with all other B.Th. students. Another difference that's link to the nature and focus group of this programme, is that the first year of study is spread (extended) over 2 years of study. The Hybrid B.Th. therefor is 4 years in comparison with the “straight" B.Th. which takes 3 years to complete.



Criteria for Mature Age –

•      Older than 45 years of age. Admitted regardless of qualifications / academic history. Must apply for matriculation exemption to the matriculation board.


•      Older than 23 and matriculated before 2008.

        Applicants must have obtained a minimum of 4 symbols between A – E (at least 40%).

        At least one subject must be on the Higher Grade.

        At least three subjects must have been passed during the same examination sitting.

        Must apply for matriculation exemption to the matriculation board.


  • Applicants that have completed a NSC must have a bachelors pass. Must meet either mainstream admission requirements (60% and above without LO) or EDP requirements (55%-59%).