Gender Unit

The official launch of the Gender Unit was in March 2017.

Through the work of the Gender Unit, and in partnership with partners near and far, the hope is to contribute to the formation of a​​​world where racism, sexism, homophobia and the dehumanizing reality of poverty is no more by amongst others​: 

(a) Raising funds for PhD scholarships in order to give doctoral students the opportunity to continue their research on Gender, Health and Theology and so helping to cultivate thought leaders who can go back to their respective communities in order to serve as agents of change​ and

​(b) Creating a community of scholars who through their research contribute to the establishment of a centre of excellence that contextually explains the intersection of Gender, Health and the various sub-disciplines of Theology​

The Gender Unit, together with the SARChI Chair in Gender Politics, hosted an International Women's day webinar on 11 March 2021 ​with the topic Life in Abundance: Women, Motherhood and the Question of Fertility in West Africa

The speaker was Prof. Patrice Haynes, senior lecturer in Philosophy, Liverpool Hope University and a STIAS Fellow.

​​Click here​ for a copy of the talk