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Old & New Testament (ONT)

​​​​​​​The focus of Old and New Testament is reliable, responsible Bible interpretation. Theological exegesis of the Bible is accountable to the rest of the academic scholarly community and to communities of faith (in Africa and abroad) where the...

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Practical Theology & Missiology (PTM)

​In the discipline group Practical Theology and Missiology we try to understand how the Word and acts of God take shape in the words and deeds of man in the world. We try to understand what it means to be sent out by God to the world where we live...

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Systematic Theology & Ecclesiology (STE)

​Ecclesiology focuses theologically on the history and polity of the church, therefore modules are taught in Church History and Church Polity. In Church History attention is given to church and theological history from the time of the early...​

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