Advanced Diploma in Education (Adv Dip Ed)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​General information about ADEs

The Advanced Diploma in Education (ADE) is a NQF level 7 qualification designed and developed to fulfil a recognized need of providing a well-rounded, broad education that equips in-service teachers with the subject content knowledge base, pedagogical theory and methodology that will enable them to demonstrate competence and responsibility as academics and professionals.  Please note that ADE courses can only be offered once 25 or more students enroll. 

SUNCEP enters into contractual agreement(s) with funders, e.g. Education Department(s), corporates, etc. on an annual basis. These courses are thus presented to cohorts of students, as identified by the funder.


Please contact your education department to find out if they are offering/funding any of these courses in 2021.

​​ On Saturday 10 October 2016, the Centre for Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education (SUNCEP), introduced seven new Advanced Diplomas in Education (ADEs) to about 40 members of the Western (WCED) and Northern Cape (NCDoE) Education Departments.  Below  a few pictures taken during that session.
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This qualification is designed to develop mentor teachers and lead professionals in teaching such as teaching and learning specialists and senior teaching and learning specialists; which is one of the target categories of educators stipulated in the Integrated Strategic Planning Framework for Teacher Education and Development in South Africa.


SUNCEP follows a practice-based philosophy of teaching and learning to bridge the gap between theory and practice

​All SUNCEP courses are offered in a blended format, consisting of face to face contact sessions, telematics sessions and interactive e-lessons. ​

Support forms an integral part of the post teaching process. This is offered either on-site, via the US telematics platform and/or via different social media platforms. Teachers can access these (Moodle, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media) via their phones, tablets or computers.  ​

Time​​s​pan of programmes

All ADE programmes are offered part time over two years, with contact sessions held mostly during school holidays.

Admission requirement​​s for ADE programmes

  • a former [before 2015] four-year BEd (480 credits, NQF old exit level 6)* or
  • a new four-year BEd [after 2015] (480 credits, NQF exit level 7)** or
  • a former general first degree (360 credits, NQF old exit level 6)* or diploma, (360 credits, NQF old exit level 6) and PGCE (120 credits, NQF exit level 7)* or
  • a new general first degree (360 credits, NQF exit level 7)** or diploma, (360 credits, NQF exit level 7) ​and Advanced Diploma in Teaching (120 credits, NQF exit level 7)** or
  • a former Higher Diploma in Education (120 credits, NQF, exit level 7)** or
  • a former Advanced Certificate in Education (120 credits, old exit Level 6)* or
  • a former college Higher Diploma in Education (480 credits, old exit Level 5/6)* or
  • a former Further Diploma in Education (120 credits, old exit Level 5/6)*


  • Flexible assessment consisting of tests/assignments/projects/case studies, etc. will make up the assessment component 

​More information

Details of all ADE programmes is listed in the Stellenbosch University yearbook and on the Faculty of Education's web site,

​Courses ​that can be ​​offered

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