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Accredited short courses

​​​​​​​​​​​General information about short courses

In addition to the full ADE full qualification offered by Stellenbosch University, SUNCEP offers accredited short courses. These are often the content modules from the different ADE qualification and are therefore aligned with the full ADE programmes/qualifications, via the universities ARPL policy.  However, please note that short courses on offer do not always have to be aligned to the full ADE qualification. SUNCEP has the capability to design courses based on the need of  client(s). In these cases the credits reared might not be ARPL to a full qualification. All short courses are, however, CAPS aligned and are all accredited.



Short course​s are highly specialised and focus on the enhancement of content and pedagogical knowledge in areas identified as being in need of improvement.


The short courses are presented and facilitated in line with existing teaching and learning strategies of the University through the use a variety of strategies.

SUNCEP follows a practice-based philosophy of teaching and learning to bridge the gap between theory and practice

All courses are offered in a blended format, consisting of face to face contact sessions, telematics sessions and interactive e-lessons. ​

Mentoring forms an integral part of the post teaching process. This is offered either on-site, via the US telematics platform and/or via different social media platforms. Teachers can access these platforms such as Moodle, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media via their phones, tablets or computers.  

On successful completing any of the short courses, participants will receive a Certificate of Competence, issued by Stellenbosch University.

​Timespan of prog​​rammes

Duration of short courses are normally dependent on the number of credits per short course. These contact sessions are usually offered during school holidays and vary from 2 to 5 days per course.

More in​formation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to have more information about each course.  
​​SUNCEP enters into contractual agreement(s) with funders, e.g. education department(s), corporates, etc. on an annual basis. These courses are thus presented to cohorts of students, as identified by the funder.​  All recruitment for courses are done through the provincial education departments.

The list of short courses 

Courses will be announced as they are being offered.

​ADE aligned short courses
click here for more information about the full ADE)
Other short courses​
​​Shor​​t courses in​ Mathematics FET Phase​
Short courses in Life Sciences FET Phase
Short courses in Physical Sciences FET Phase 
Short courses in Mathematics  Senior Phase Phase
Short courses in Natural Sciences Senior Phase​​

​​Short course in Research methods and skills​ for teachers
ICT Strategic Management short course
Advanced accredited assessor short course
Advanced accredited moderator short course 
Advanced accredited facilitator short course
Mentor, School managers and Management  programmes in schools short course