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Department of Educational Psychology​​​

​Research Focus:

The resear​ch focus of the Department of Educational Psychology is aimed at the educational psychological development of human potential in schools and communities. The ultimate aim is to develop and implement appropriate inclusive school- and community-based educational psychological programmes as well as specialised programmes. This will provide opportunities for optimal development and self-actualisation.

​​BEdHons (Educational Support)* ​Educational Psychology
​30 June 2023
​​31 July 2023
MEd (Educational Support)
    Research option
    Structured option
​​Educational Psychology

30 Sept 2023
​30 June 2023

​30 Sept 2023
​30 June 2023
MEd (Psych)
​Educational Psychology​30 June 2023​30 June 2023
PhD (Educational Psychology)
​Educational Psychology​30 Nov 2023​

​30 Nov 2023​

PhD (Educational Support)
​​Educational Psychology
​30 Nov 2023​30 Nov 2023

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​How do I become an educational psychologist?


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