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Diploma in Public Accountability


Academic Programme Head: Diploma 
in Public Accountability

Mr Werner Burger  

​​wernerb@sun.ac.za​ or dipaccountability@spl.sun.ac.za​ 
Tel:  021 918 4126
Fax: 021 918 4123


Diploma in Public Accountability​

Welcome to the Diploma in Public Accountability. This Higher Education Diploma is designed to provide an opportunity for employees and prospective employees to develop or enhance the required competencies and follow a career path in the public sector. The objectives are to give you access to an opportunity to:

  • enhance your capacity to do the work required of you;
  • make a positive difference in the communities you serve through enhanced competencies;
  • comply with the public administration and management competency requirements as set for your current or envisaged positions; combine studies with workplace demands;
  • gain a higher education qualification; and,
  • embark on a qualification path that keeps track with career progression​

Mode of Presentation​

The diploma is presented in a blended mode, meaning that short duration direct and real time interaction by means of telematics are combined with learning by means of electronic media. Both years of study will require attending six days of direct contact sessions, scheduled for 23 to 28 March 2015 at the Bellville Park Campus of Stellenbosch University, with potential repeat of contact sessions at other centers where adequate numbers of students live and work. In addition, 60 hours of interactive telematics sessions and invigilated assessments spread throughout the year must be attended at decentralized venues across the country. The package covered by the student fees include learning equipment and materials such as a notebook/tablet device, internet connectivity, e-learning materials and some hard copy books and manuals.​

What are the entry requirements?​

A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with:​

  • An achievement of at least 3 (40%) in four​ recognized NSC subjects of which one must be English,


  • A min of 30% in the language of learning and​ teaching plus an achievement of at least 3 (40%) in four other recognized NSC subjects plus 3 years relevant work experience,


  • A higher education qualification.


For cost information, please contact the Programme Administrator or see the ​course related costs below for Year 1 and Year 2.

​​For more information on Diploma in public Accountability, please click here​  to access the brochure.​

To apply online for the Diploma in Accountability please visit the University of Stellenbosch (US) portal, via the link: