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2 May
Jerzy Koch as translator
Prof Jerzy Koch (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland) talks about his work and experiences as a translator.
9 MayThe literary dialogue between Afrikaans and Dutch
Prof Yves T'Sjoen (Ghent University in Belgium) talks to Prof Andries Visagie about Breyvier and Kwintet: Literair dialogen tussen Afrikaans en Nederlands – his two latest books on the Afrikaans writer, artist and activist Breyten Breytenbach.

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25 April
Dr Paola Gentile (University of Trieste) spoke to Prof Luc van Doorslaer (University of Tartu and KU Leuven) about Dutch at the University of Trieste and how she, as a first-language speaker of Italian, teaches her Italian students Dutch.



11 NovemberDaryll David t​alks to Prof Harold Lesch about the bid to have Stellenbosch declared a UNESCO City of Literature
4 NovemberProf Andries Visagie interviews Prof Jerzy Koch, extraordinary professor in literature at the Department of Afrikaans and Dutch and head of the Department of Dutch and South African Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
21 October“Wat gaan vir wat in WAT XVI”:​ Alet Cloete (senior co-editor) and Dr Gerda Odendaal (co-editor) of the WAT in conversation with prof Rufus Gouws​
10 JuneDr Lizelle Smit and Dr Danie Stander talk about Alba Bouwer, etiquette literature, and 'charm' as prescripts for acceptable Afrikaner femininity in the 1960s. With Sybille: Sjarmante vriendin, translated by Bouwer, as a starting point, they shine a light on the role played by translation in the sixties to establish an etiquette discourse and to cast Afrikaner femininity in a particular mould.
​13 MayProf Rufus Gouws talks to former colleague Prof Leon de Stadler about the new, revised edition of the Tesourus van Afrikaans
15 April​​Marius Swart talks​ to Pieter Fourie about his debut novel, The heart is the size of a fist, and Marius's translation, ʼn Hart is so groot soos ʼn vuis


5 March"The false opposition theory versus practice ​in Translation", Prof Luc van Doorslaer, University of Tartu (Estonia)


17 October​Prof Andries Visagie talks to Alettie van den Heever about her debut novel, Stof
3 OctoberMercy Kannemeyer talks to Azille Coetzee about her remarkable debut In my vel
19 SeptemberCharl-Lingefelder talks about the Afrikaans film Kanarie and his role as music and sound designer, and writer
29 August"Digital language resources for Afrikaans", Benito Trollip talks to Prof Rufus Gouws about what SADiLaR can offer researchers​​
16 May"Teaching Khoekhoegowab", Dr Elbie Adendorff talks to Pedro Dausab about the prospects for teaching Khoekhoegowab.
9 May​"The importance of consecutive interpreting in the training of sign language interpreters", Prof Harold Lesch talks to Prof Myriam Vermeerbergen
25 April"Denver Breda and his vision for Khoekhoegowab en Afrikaans", Prof Andries Visagie talks to Denver Breda.
18 April"South African culture and society in the global sixties", Prof Geert Buelens (Utrecht University)


25 OctoberMarlene van Niekerk: Pro-vocation – poems and perceptions: politics and ethics
1 OctoberHenry Liu: “Translation, is this the right career for me? Will I have a job after I graduate? On ways to be the most sought after talent or translator”
​20 SeptemberAnnie Klopper talks to Ryan Pedro about her new book Die tragiese saak van Pamina Vermaak
​16 AugustDr Carolin Müller-Spitzer of Institut für Deutsche Sprache (Mannheim)​ talks to Prof Rufus Gouws about "Research into dictionary use"
10 May"Dramadoenig", upcoming theater makers Des-Lee Mckenzie, Du Toit Albertze and Igna Botha talk to S.Z. Minnaar of VER[r]AS about their work and the Afrikaans teatre landscape
​19 AprilValda Jansen talks to Prof Louise Viljoen about her new book Hy kom met die skoenlappers
29 March"Language policy for multilingualism: The international agenda (2015-2030)", Prof Gilvan de Oliviera


19 OctoberKila van der Starre talks to Remona Voges about "Poetry outside the page", the poetry duo Kila & Babsie and various other matters
28 September​"Poems on the paintings of Adriaen Coorte and Jan Mankes", Sonja Loots and Prof Marlene van Niekerk
31 AugustS.Z. Minnaar of VER[r]AS talks to Fourie Botha about his new book Krap uit die see
17 August"The AWS, 100 years", Dr Frikkie Lombard (WAT)
6 April"Walking with wildness: Dogs and what they can teach us about living on an endangered Earth" Prof Karla Armbruster (Webster University, St Louis, MO)
16 February"Variation in sign language", Dr Hanelle Fourie Blair (WAT) talks to Prof Myriam Vermeerbergen (KU Leuven)


5 October "Afrikaans in the virtual world: Technology and globalisation", Dr Jacques du Plessis (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) in conversation with Dr Elbie Adendorff
22 September"Human-animal studies in Afrikaans Literature", Dr Joan-Mari Barendse talks to Prof Andries Visagie about his interest in and research on the field of human-animal studies
Click here for an audio recording:
 Mens-dier-studie in die Afrikaanse literatuur
14 April"The role of translation in language planning", Prof Anthony Pym (Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain)
7 April ​"Afrikaans: 1976 – 2016: Conversation with students"
25 FebruaryTom Lanoye talks to Prof Andries Visagie about his work
18 February"Terminology and cognition in assessment contexts", Prof Bassey Antia (UWC)


1 October"Dutch-Afrikaans: Literary border traffic and Daniel Hugo as gatekeeper", Prof Yves T'Sjoen (Ghent University)
3 September​"The use of smartphones in second-language teaching", Prof Martina Nied Curcio (Rome University) in conversation with Prof Rufus Gouws
23 JulyDr ​Willem Anker talks to Tertius Kapp, winner of the 2015 Hertzog Prize for Drama
28 May"Thinking ahead: Critical questions on language in higher education", Prof Mbulungeni Madiba (UCT) talks to Dr Gerda Odendaal and Marius Swart
7 May"Afrikaans: 90 years as official language", MA student Christel Swart talks to Ria Olivier of the Western Cape Language Committee
23 April"Sharpeville in South African literature and culture", Prof Geert Buelens (Utrecht University)
12 March​"Different types of sign (language) usage", Prof Myriam Vermeerbergen (KU Leuven) talks to Dr Hanelle Fourie Blair (WAT)


9 October "Simply imaginative or dramatically different? An investigation into Lauren Beukes's Zoo City  within the framework of heterotopic literature", Alettie van den Heever
25 September"Gerrit Komrij's image formation in the early poetry of Breyten Breytenbach in the Netherlands", Prof Yves T'Sjoen (Ghent Universiteit)
28 August"Who, what, where and where to: The Woordfees and Words Open Worlds Project", Prof Dorothea van Zyl
15 May"Marcel Breyne: Activist Germanist Afrikanist", Prof Geert Buelens (Utrecht University)
24 April"Afrikaans: 100 years as a langauge of tuition", Dr Gerda O​dendaal in conversation with Eldridge Jason
10 April"Kaar: Prof Marlene van Niekerk talks to Marius Swart about her new volume of poetry"
6 March"Writer-translators: Georges Eekhoud (Belgium, 1854-1924) and André P. Brink (1935-)", Maud Gonne (KU Leuven) talks to Lelanie de Roubaix


10 OctoberBehind the scenes of literary translation​: The short stories of Christiaan Bakkes in English", Dr Carla-Marié Spies
19 September
"The presence of Breyten Breytenbach in the poetry of Rutger Kopland, Roland Jooris and others", Prof Yves T'Sjoen (Ghent University)
29 August
Recent shifts in memories of the Second World War in the Netherlands and the work of WF Hermans", Prof Siegfried Huigen
15 August
"Dictionary portals and the organisation of the lexicographic process", Prof Stefan Engelberg (Institut für Deutsche Sprache)
23 May
"Regarding the writing process, historical novels, Coenraad de Buys and what have you", Dr Willem Anker in coversation with Dr Desmond Painter (Department of Psychology)
"Educational interpreting in the Law Faculty: The impact on teaching and learning",  Carmen Brewis