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ADA Summer School 2020
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The two week long Doctoral School aims to offer high impact research design and methodology training, as well as options in academic preparedness and career development. The Schools are open to doctoral candidates (current and prospective), their supervisors and researchers in general. 

Members of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) can now apply for CPD points of 30 per week, and a maximum of 30 per school. A maximum of 6 Ethics CPD points will be awarded for the course, Good Research Practice: Research ethics and beyond​, presented on Saturday, 11 January 2020. 

Week 1: 06 - 10 January 2020

Please note that each course below takes place from Monday to Thursday 8am - 4pm and Friday 8am to 1 pm. You can only attend one course per week, as they take place at the same time.

1 - Preparing for your PhD: Considerations and planning your research project​ Bookings Closed.
​A roadmap for your Doctorate from conception to graduation: For new and aspiring PhDs across all disciplines.​​ 

- Dr Layla Cassim (Layla Cassim ERS Consultants) & Dr Nicoline Herman (Stellenbosch University) *Prescribed Toolkit: R400 ​|Read more​|​  

​​2 - Design and analysis of experimental data
Design of experiments and data analysis aimed at candidates in the Natural Sciences, Engineering and Science-related fields. 

- Prof Catherine Comiskey (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) |Read more​|​   

3 - Introduction to Quantitative research design and methodology
Introduction and learning session on Quantitative research design and methods in Social and Health Sciences, and Education. 

- Prof Tim Guetterman (Creighton University, Omaha, USA & Stellenbosch University)|Read more​|​  

​​4 - ​Introduction to Qualitative research design and methodology Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
Learn about Qualitative design and implementation. Examples from Social and Health sciences, and Education.  

- Prof Wayne Babchuk (University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA) ​*Textbook: R500 |Read more​|​ 

5 - Essentials for R Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
Introductory course for this powerful, highly adaptable and free software programme for statistical computing and graphics. 

- Prof An Carbonez (​KU Leuven, Belgium​) |Read more​|​  

6 - Data management and working with Quantitative Data (NEW!)
Advanced graduate students and statisticians interpreting quantitative data: Delegates' research projects will be discussed in class.

- Prof Henry Braun (​Boston College, USA​) |Read more​|​  

7 - Design your academic future (NEW!)
Design Thinking tools for PhDs and emerging researchers to gain creative confidence, problem solving abilities and achieve emotional well-being. 

- Prof Sebastian Kernbach (St Gallen University, Switzerland​) ​*Textbook: R450 |Read more​|​  

Saturday 11 January 2020

Please note that eac​h course below takes place on the Saturday (one day only) from 09:00 – 16:00 and you can only attend one course as they take place at the same time.

8 - Grounded Theory: Methodology, principles and practices (NEW!) Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
Introduction to Grounded Theory research design for novice practitioners. 

- ​Prof Wayne Babchuk (University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA)|Read more​|​  

9 - Confident public speaking​​
For Postgraduates needing to polish their oral and presentation skills and overcome public speaking nerves. Also presented as part of the Science Communic​ation course (nr 14).​

- Ms Vicky Davis (Stellenbosch University; TV Presenter and Producer, Media Coach)|Read more​|​  

10 - Good research practice: Research ethics and beyond Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
For researchers applying for ethical clearance; ensuring research integrity and quality of data. Counts towards 6 Ethics CPD points.

- Prof Catherine Comiskey (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) |Read more​|​  

11 - Fundamentals of publishing Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
For novice writers: Principles of academic publishing, choosing journals, writing styles and dealing with reviewers.​ 

- Prof Leslie Swartz (Stellenbosch University​)|Read more​|​  

12 - Grant writing fundamentals Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
The Do's and Don'ts's of Grant Writing and where to start looking for funding. 
-Ms Riana Coetsee (Stellenbosch University) |Read more​|​  

13 - MAXQDA Software for Qualitative and Mixed Methods analysis (NEW!) Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
Introduction to the MAXQDA software for qualitative and mixed research methods data analysis from a registered trainer.  A 3 month software license is included in the workshop price​​.
- Prof Tim Guetterman (Creighton University, Omaha, USA & Stellenbosch University) |Read more​|​  
Please note that each course below takes place from Monday to Thursday 8am - 4pm and Friday 8am to 1 pm. You can only attend one course per week, as they take place at the same ti

14 - S​cientific communication: How to write an article, present a poster, design slides and give an oral presentation Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
For researchers in all fields that want to communicate their scientific research in an effective way across a range of channels.

- Prof John Creemers (KU Leuven, Belgium) & Ms Vicky Davis (Stellenbosch University; TV Presenter and Producer, Media Coach)|Read more​|​     

15 - The Productive PhD: Creating structure, gaining clarity & overcoming blocks Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
How to be more productive in your research project, how to progress through visual (design) thinking and becoming 'unstuck.'

- Prof Sebastian Kernbach (St Gallen University, Switzerland​|Read more​|​   

16 - Advanced Qualitative research design and methodology (NEW!)​ Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
Delegates are expected to have an understanding of Qualitative research, and we recommend attending the introductory course in Week 1. Please bring your research for comment during class. 

- Prof Wayne Babchuk (University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA) |Read more​|​  

17 - Teaching in the digital world: The use of blended active learning strategies ​Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
Teaching in the digital age for both face-to-face and online learning environments, and how to blend the two. 

Prof Wim van Petegem (KU Leuven, Belgium) & Dr JP Bosman, Dr Sonja Strydom, Ms Mine de Klerk​,  (Stellenbosch University) |Read more​|​  

18 - Introduction to SPSS
Quantitative Research skills and techniques, using surveys and data analysis from survey research. 

- Dr Cindy-Lee Steenekamp (Stellenbosch University) |Read more​|​  

19 - Mixed Methods research design
Mixed Methods: Integrating qualitative and quantitative research components into a single research project in an innovative way. 

- Prof Tim Guetterman (Creighton University, Omaha, USA & Stellenbosch University)|Read more​|​  

20 - Writing and publishing an article during the final phases of the PhD Waiting list forming! Bookings still Open.
Publishing 'boot camp' for doctoral delegates in the final phases of their thesis; a draft of the article is required to work on for duration of the course.

- Dr Ruth Albertyn & Dr Christel Troskie-de Bruin (Stellenbosch University) |Read more​|​  

21 - Introduction to ATLAS.ti ​for qualitative data analysis ​
Using the ATLAS.ti programme for the literature review and qualitative data analysis. 

- Dr Lauren Wildschut (Stellenbosch University) |Read more​|​​

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ends 1 November 2019
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SU Staff and students retain this price 
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Some courses are charged differently from the general rates.

One day course (11 January)​
Grounded Theory|Confident public speaking|Good research practice|Fundamentals of Publishing|Grant writing|MAXQDA Software

Writing and publishing (week 2 course 20)
This course is kept purposefully small so that delegates have maximum interaction with our facilitators
​​​Early Bird
​Standard rate
For courses with prescribed textbooks (marked with an asterisk), additional charges as indicated will be added to the registration fee.

Additional information

  • Last day for early bird payment: 01 November 2019
  • Last day for standard rate payment: 28 November 2019 - extended until 17 December 2019.
  • SU staff and students paying by OE code/student account, retain the Early Bird price until bookings close
Course specific information is available on the Workshop Information page. ​

Included in th​e cost:

The fee per week includes the workshop tuition and class materials, Wi-Fi internet, refreshments, conference pack, free access to the extra-curricular courses and the social evening (braai). Not included is accommodation or your transport to Stellenbosch. Accommodation is not included, but we offer some options to secure a room for the school at Stellenbosch Accommodation​.


  • All workshops are taught in English, and take place in the Wilcocks Building on Stellenbosch University Main campus
  • The extra-curricular programme (non-compulsory) will be released at a later stage


  • Open - the course is open for booking and there are open spaces available. 
  • Waiting List - a waiting list is forming, but we're waiting on payment for the courses from delegates. Please register if you would like to attend and we will place your name on the list.
  • Closed - the course has a long waiting list and we have closed bookings.

The ADA reserves the right to cancel a course if the minimum attendance figures are not reached. If a delegate has already paid, we will refund them fully, or offer them the opportunity to attend another course of their choice, where possible. 


  • The last day for withdrawal from the ADA's Summer School is 28 November 2019 - applicants will receive a 80% refund up until this date and thereafter a 50% refund until 6 December 2019. After 6 Dec​ember 2019 there will be a 100% cancellation fee applied unless someone else can take your place.
  • No refund will be paid if attendance is cancelled after 6 December 2019.
  • The ADA reserves the right to cancel a course up to 28 November 2019.