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How much are the courses?

We endeavour to keep the costs of the workshops at the Doctoral Schools low and offer good value for money for our delegates. Each course is priced individually, excluding textbooks. Please check the course information for prices.

What is included in the cost of the course?

The price per workshop includes all lectures, online material (readers and notes). We will supply you with a 'conference pack' that includes an ADA bag and progamme for in-person courses. We also supply refreshments at tea time, and lunch for in-person courses. The course fee does not cover accommodation and travel to the Winter or Summer Schools. Where applicable we prescribe textbooks and offer them at a reduced rate.​

Is there any funding available?

The ADA does not offer any funding or standard bursaries. However, from time to time we will receive funds from external institutions that will allow us to offer certain bursaries. As soon as they become available, we will notify the databases. For PhD candidates registered at Stellenbosch University, we offer assistantships - more info here​.​

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What is the ADA?

The African Doctoral Academy (ADA) offers high quality research support and academic career development for current and prospective PhD candidates, their supervisors and postdoctoral fellows in all fields of study. We offer a yearly Summer and Winter School on the Stellenbosch Campus.

Do I need a vaccination?

Travellers to South Africa may require yellow fever vaccination certificate, and it is the responsibility of each delegate to avail him/herself of the regulations pertaining to his/her departure country.

What format do the sessions take?

The Summer and Winter Schools typically have a number of workshops and courses that are presented over three weeks. Each week's classes are presented at the same time so it is possible to follow only one course per week each. The workshops are typically presented from 09:00 to 13:00 and again from 14:00 onwards, with time for delegates to either see the presenters with their individual questions in the afternoon or work on their reading and assignments. For the computer programme-based classes, it is necessary to bring your own laptop with software installed for the course.

Can I change my courses before the Schools start?

This will depend entirely on your specific request. If you let us know well in advance we will try and make a plan if there is space for you. However, we cannot change the classes you have enrolled for later than a month before the School starts, as there are logistical implications. For logistical reasons, no changes may be made a month before the courses start.

What do I do with my free time?

There is so much you can do at your free time in Stellenbosch. You can find information about what you can do at Stellenbosch at and a booklet will be provided on arrival that will guide you on how to get around Stellenbosch.

What happens if I can no longer attend after I have already paid?

If you can no longer attend due to unforeseen circumstances you can cancel your attendance up to 31 May 2024. Applicants will receive a 50% refund up until this date. After this date there will be no refund unless someone else can take your place​. ​

Who can apply for the Doctoral Schools?

If you are motivated and would like to learn new skills or develop as a researcher or academic, you are welcome to apply to the workshops you find interesting. The ADA Winter and Summer Schools are aimed mainly at prospective and current PhD candidates, their supervisors and postdoctoral fellows across all fields. Some workshops will have a specific focus (such as delegates in the Social Sciences), or require previous knowledge (like the Advanced ATLAS.ti courses that require previous proficiencies).

What certification or credits are offered by the ADA?

The ADA issues a digital certificate of attendance for delegates that were present at all days of their workshops and settled their account. The courses are certified through the Stellenbosch University Short Course system and carry the NQF (National Qualification Framework) Levels. The course in Doctoral Supervision carries a certificate of competence if the assignments were completed to the satisfaction of the course presenter. We do not offer ECTS credit or similar, but you can work in units of 40 hours per week.

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Where should I stay?

The African Doctoral Academy's Doctoral Schools are held at Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS), Marais Rd, Mostertsdrift, Stellenbosch, 7600​. The University is located in the centre of the historic town of Stellenbosch and is within walking distance of a number of hotels and guest houses.

Please note: Not all places of accommodation are situated within walking distance of Stellenbosch University. Please consider travel arrangements when making your booking. While Stellenbosch has some Uber cars, taxis are not in steady supply. ​

Do I need a visa?

Nationals from a number of countries need a visa to travel to South Africa. Please ensure that you are aware of your requirements and we advise you apply early so that you obtain your visa in time. Once you have registered we are happy to issue a letter of invitation for you for the dates of the summer school so that you can apply. To issue the letter you would need to send us the passport data page and institutional affiliation.
This website offers a list of the latest countries that require visas, as well as what information needs to accompany your application including inoculations. Please note that the lead time for visas for Ghanian and Nigerian nationals are long. For general information about visas visit

What meals do you offer at the Schools?

The ADA offers a daily morning tea and refreshments and a basic lunch for in-person courses. The Neelsie Student Centre and the nearby Eikestad Mall offer good value for money meals. The Stellenbosch restaurant scene is much celebrated and offers world class cuisine through to good value for money food much loved by our students - for those that would like to take their meals off campus (at own cost).​

Is a laundry service available in Stellenbosch?

There are a number of laundromats in town and in on campus - please ask us where you can find one close to your accommodation.

How do I get to Stellenbosch?

Travel is at your own costs. 

Where will the workshops be held?

The ADA offices are situated within the SUI in the Krotoa​ Building, corner of Victoria and Ryneveld Streets, Stellenbosch. You can find us in Room 3003 on the third floor. ​Classes take place at Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS). Marais Rd, Mostertsdrift, Stellenbosch, 7600 (Summer School 2024). 

Where can I work during the afternoons when we might have self-study?

We can help organise access to our library for those students not enrolled at Stellenbosch University if you do not want to use the lecture rooms.

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How do I know you have received my online registration form?

You will receive a confirmation email that is generated automatically by the booking system. We will also follow up with you in person via email to confirm with you to follow up on your invoicing and other requirements.​

How do I pay and secure my place at the Summer or Winter Schools?

The only way to ensure that your place is secured it to pay your fees as soon as possible. The ADA will ask you to register on the Short Course system to generate an invoice number. Please make sure the right name(s) as used in the registration form and invoice reference number is added to the proof you send for prompt administration.

When does registration close?

The ADA will close registrations for a course when it is fully booked. We will start a waiting list per course for interested parties. All registrations close a few weeks before the Doctoral Schools to allow us to prepare the materials.

​How do I register for the Doctoral Schools?

​We will open the online booking form about two months before our next Doctoral School. When we have your registration, the ADA will confirm your choice of workshops and issue you with an invoice within 5 - 7 working days. As soon as we have your payment for the course your place is confirmed. Please remember that places are limited and fill up quickly - only a payment secures your place at the school. If you're not already on our database to receive notifications - please sign up here​.​​