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Spring School Programme


​ADA Spring School 2023

4 - 8 September ​ 

2 - 4 October 

Applicat​io​​n​​s open!


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The Doctoral School aims to offer high impact research design and methodology training, as well as options in academic preparedness and career development. The Schools are open to doctoral candidates (current and prospective), their supervisors and researchers.

Format: It is very important to note that these courses are presented and planned as full day synchronous​ sessions at Stellenbosch University. We recommend that you take leave from your daily work and other responsibilities to attend the classes and complete the assignments as required by your presenters. ​​​Your attendance will be monitored to ensure that you meet/reach the requirements for subsequent certification. The school will be offered in hybrid mode with some courses in-person and others offered online. 
Your role: You will be responsible for pacing yourself through the workshops wh​en busy with the prescribed exercises, synchronous sessions, and/or group work, and will have to be able to keep up. The estimated contact time required per session is presented below. These exclude morning and afternoon tea and lunch breaks. Group work is mandatory

Week 1: 4 - 8 September 2023 (Two-day and three-day courses) ​​​

4 - 5 Sept. 2023
2 days

09:00 - 16:3​0 GMT+2

7 contact hours
1 - The Productive Doctorate (online) [Courses closed]
I​​n this course, PhD students learn how to make progress in their research journey, how to get unstuck in difficult times and how to confidently pursue and finish the doctorate. It is valuable for all stages of the doctoral journey.
Mode: ​Online | Course​ fee: R3400

- Prof Sebastian Kernbach (University of St Gallen, Switzerland) ​​

​6 - 8 Sept 2023
3 days

08:30 - 16:3​0 GMT+2
7 contact hours
​​2 - Effective Academic Writing for Master's and Doctoral Candidates​ (in-person) [Courses closed]
“Academic language is a dead language … and  is no-one’s mother tongue​​.” (Bourdieu & Passeron, 1995:8). This workshop demystifies the academic writing process and offers practical strategies to help you develop your writing skills.​​​
Mode: ​In-person | Course fee: R6250 

-Selene Delport (Stellenbosch University, SA)​​

2 - 3 October 2023
2 days (mornings)

08:30 - 13:00 GMT+2
7 contact hours 

3 - Grant Proposal Writing: How to write a successful grant proposal (online) 
Although research funding organisations and their application requirements differ, there are crucial elements and fundamental principles expected with all grant proposals, which will be explained and expanded on in the workshop.​
Mode: ​Online | Course fee: R1750 

Riana Coetsee (Research Managements & Skills Training Consultant​​, SA)​
4 October 2023
1 day

08:30 - 16:3​0 GMT+2
7 contact hours​ per day

4 - Spotlight on Doctoral Supervision: Building a constructive relationship with your supervisor (online) [Courses closed]
This workshop is about aligning expectations, mutual responsibilities and communication skills: It helps you to reflect on the supervisory relationship and to actively participate in the cooperation. 
Mode: ​Online |​ Course fee: R1750​​

- Dr Kerstin Lange (Universität Hamburg, Hamburg Research Academy, Germany​) ​ 


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One-day courses



Payment deadline for Sept courses
 31 August 2023

Payment deadline for October courses
 25 Sept 2023

         Two-day courses

​​ Payment deadline 31 August 2023
Three-day courses 



​​ ​ ​Payment deadline 31 August 2023

​​Additional information

  • Last day for applications for September courses: 27 August 2023
  • Last day for applications for October courses: 22 September 2023​
  • Last day for payment for September courses: 31 August 2023 
  • Last day for payment for Octobe​r courses: 25 September 2023
  • Course specific information is available on the Workshop Information page​

Included in th​e cost:

  • ​T​he fee per week includes the workshop fee for online courses, digital class materials and digital certification. For in-person courses the fee includes course fees, lunch, digital class materials, digital certification and refreshments at social functions hosted by the ADA.


  • All workshops are taught in English​
  • The school will be hosted in hybrid format with fully online courses and fully in-person sessions. You will not be able to join virtually in any of the in-person courses. 


  • Open - the course is open for booking and there are open spaces available. 
  • Waiting List - a waiting list is forming, but we are waiting on payment for the courses from delegates. Please register if you would like to attend and we will place your name on the list.
  • Closed - the course has a long waiting list and we have closed bookings.

The ADA reserves the right to cancel a course if the minimum attendance figures are not reached. If a delegate has already paid, we will refund them fully, or offer them the opportunity to attend another course of their choice, where possible. 


  • The last day for withdrawal from the ADA's Spring School is 25​ August 2023 for September coursesThe last day for withdrawal from the ADA's Spring School October courses is 22 September 2023. Applicants will receive a 50% refund up until 25 August 2023 if they have applied for a Sepetember courseApplicants who applied for October courses will receive a 50% refund up until 22 September 2023​ After this date there will be no refund unless someone else can take your place​. 
  • The ADA reserves the right to cancel a course.​​