Stellenbosch University vaccination statement

Forward together: Choose vaccination
Saam vorentoe: Kies inenting
Sonke siya phambili: Khetha ugonyo

We call on the people of Stellenbosch University (SU) to choose vaccination against COVID-19, a severe, life-threatening disease. The vaccine is the most effective way to protect yourself as well as your family, friends, colleagues, fellow students and members of our community.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on our lives. Some of us have lost loved ones, while others have survived COVID-19, but now face its lingering after-effects. The lockdown restrictions have dealt our country a financial blow, which has put livelihoods at risk. The pandemic has also forced us to adjust to the “new normal” of life with COVID-19, a harsh reality that has changed how we live from day to day.

Move forward together

Consistently adhering to all the relevant health and safety measures and choosing to get vaccinated is the best way to overcome this pandemic and the risk it poses to our lives and livelihoods.

We know some are hesitant to get vaccinated. However, we assure you that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe, whether you receive Pfizer’s (double-dose), Johnson & Johnson’s (single-dose) or any other approved vaccine. It has been tested scientifically and approved by medical authorities, and – most importantly – it undoubtedly reduces risk and saves lives.

Vaccines are designed to prevent loss of life, and have been doing just that for decades across the globe. They not only reduce the consequences of infection for those who contract an infectious disease, but – above all – largely prevent infection altogether. Vaccines helped eradicate smallpox and continue to prevent devastating viruses such as polio from causing severe illness and death. The COVID-19 vaccine is doing the same for the coronavirus.

Choose vaccination

As part of our commitment to overcome this pandemic, the University has established a vaccination site at the Lentelus clubhouse at SU’s soccer complex in Hammanshand Road, Stellenbosch. The site is open to staff, students and members of the broader community. Click here for more information.

Please make use of the vaccination services at this site or one closer to you, and encourage others also to vaccinate.

Choosing vaccination is the responsible choice, and a commitment to moving forward – for yourself, your family, your community and our nation.

Choose vaccination | Kies inenting | Khetha ugonyo

This statement was adopted by the Stellenbosch University Rectorate on 15 September 2021:

  • Prof Wim de Villiers, Rector and Vice-Chancellor
  • Prof Stan du Plessis, Chief Operating Officer
  • Prof Nico Koopman, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Social Impact, Transformation and Personnel
  • Prof Deresh Ramjugernath, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Learning and Teaching
  • Dr Ronel Retief, Registrar
  • Prof Eugene Cloete, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies
  • Prof Hester Klopper, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Strategy and Internationalisation