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Training and Short Course Offerings for 2023
Start: 07/03/2023, 09:00
End: 30/06/2023, 09:00
Contact:Magriet De Villiers - (021) 808 4188
Location: Online

​​​​​The Centre for Learning Technologies is committed to creating professional learning opportunities for staff in their efforts to meaningfully include learning technology in their courses. The learning opportunities are open to SU staff only and are free of charge.

Click on any of the offering names below to learn more:

  1. Short Course: Introduction to Blended Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  2. Short Course: Advanced Blended Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  3. PowerPoint: A Self-Help Guide
  4. Camtasia Studio: A Self-Help Training Course
  5. SUNLearn Training Module

​Need more information? Contact Magriet de Villiers (