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Lewende Skooltuin ’n baanbrekerprojek Skooltuin ’n baanbrekerprojek
'Ek kán lees'-projek bemagtig leerders én studente'Ek kán lees'-projek bemagtig leerders én studente
Entrepreneurskapprojek gee jong mense hoop gee jong mense hoop
Finansiële Geletterdheid-projek wil inlig en bemagtigële Geletterdheid-projek wil inlig en bemagtig
Doktorsgraduandus het nooit gedink sy sal so ver kom het nooit gedink sy sal so ver kom



Die Amanzi Yimpilo projek Amanzi Yimpilo projek




US fasiliteer skepping van Lückhoff Lewende Museum fasiliteer skepping van Lückhoff Lewende Museum2019-10-26T10:00:00Z
MGD Algemene Jaarvergadering Algemene Jaarvergadering2019-09-26T16:30:00Z
2019 Sosiale Impak Simposium Sosiale Impak Simposium2019-09-06T06:30:00Z jou inisiatief ons nuutste nuusbrief​ Personeellid aktiwiteit

Nuutste InisiatieweBeskou Alle Inisiatiewe 214 Occupational Health and Safety​​Students carry out a health and safety assessment and write a report for a winery in conjunction with their winery partners. The report is viewed by the Oenology lecturer and is submitted to the winery partner for their information. We have been doing it since 2014, and it has proved very successful. This will be extended to include winery waste treatment in the future.1154 and Oenology Extended Internships​​​​​The Viticulture and Oenology 478 module involves a seven month internship in industry, mentored by experienced and selected winemakers and viticulturalists. Students are immersed in the workplace with industry and community partners. All staff members in the Viticulture and Oenology Department are involved to an extent with our partners in industry.1156 244 (Service Learning): The Wine Trade​​Oenology 214 Service-Learning Module: The Wine Trade. This module explores how Service Learning, as a transformative pedagogy, is applied in a science-based curriculum to enhance student learning and critical citizenship. Students in Oenology undergo a month long service placement in tasting rooms and wine estates in the Cape Winelands. Here they interact with staff, clients and workers from the wine industry, learning about products, consumers and trade aspects. Societal partners (tasting room managers, other workers and winemakers), chosen on the basis of their ability to engage the students in learning, and the feedback and success of previous placements, help to shape the student’s view of themselves and their place in the broader context of the South African industry.​1153

 Inisiatief Telling per Fakulteit

 Inisiatief Telling per SDG Temas

Ons kwartaallikse nuusbrief hou u op hoogte van nuus, aktiwiteite en gebeure van sosiale impak.