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Studente entoesiasties oor 100-uur uitdaging entoesiasties oor 100-uur uitdaging
Vennootskap tussen Krygkor en die US tussen Krygkor en die US
Innoverende Uitgebreide Onderwys-opleidingsprogram bekend gestel Uitgebreide Onderwys-opleidingsprogram bekend gestel
US Ingenieurstudente uitgedaag om wyer te dink Ingenieurstudente uitgedaag om wyer te dink
Eerste Transformasie Indaba bewys personeel, studente se verbintenis tot verandering Transformasie Indaba bewys personeel, studente se verbintenis tot verandering



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Matie Gemeenskapsdiens Algemene Jaarvergadering Gemeenskapsdiens Algemene Jaarvergadering2017-09-28T17:00:00Z
Sosiale Impak Simposium Impak Simposium2017-09-20T06:00:00Z
7de Internasionale Simposium oor Diensleer: 14–16 Junie 2017, Galway, Ierland Internasionale Simposium oor Diensleer: 14–16 Junie 2017, Galway, Ierland2017-06-14T06:00:00Z jou inisiatief Impak Inisiatiewe se betrokkenheid by skole

Nuutste InisiatieweBeskou Alle Inisiatiewe SUN Chemistry Outreach InitiativeThe department of Chemistry and Polymer Science aims to assist disadvantaged high schools with their prescribed chemistry practicals by inviting students to do their experimental work in one of the university's fully equipped laboratories, particularly at times when these are not utilised. The primary goals of this outreach program are three-fold: firstly, to provide much needed infrastructure support by offering students and their teachers the necessary laboratory environment to work in; secondly, to develop a deeper understanding of the conceptually challenging topics of their prescribed syllabus (SUNCOI Practicals with Purpose) and thirdly, to collaborate with the education faculty through involvement of pre-service teacher education students in practical work with in-service teachers and their learners as well as post-graduate chemistry students and chemistry lecturer/researchers (SUNCOI Teaching the Teacher the Nuts and Bolts of Chemistry).643 Department Annual Road Trip​Every year post graduate students from the Physics department go on a road trip during the September university holidays.  During this week they visit schools (up to 10 different schools), promoting science ​to the senior learners through Physics demonstrations and discussions.  Each year a different region is targeted.  650 career circumscription and compromise: career guidance and development to high school learners from low income communities.This community service learning and engagement project is linked to the Psychology Honours module Career psychology. After being exposed to several theories of Career Counselling and Development (including those of John Holland, Donald Super, Linda Gottfredson, and Mark Savickas) honours students are introduced to a high school context where they are required to set an intervention programme addressing the career development needs of the learners at the school. Because of adverse socio-economic conditions many learners have limited perspectives of career options and the paths to achieve their career aspirations and are inclined to circumscribe and compromise (i.e., place limits) on their potential choices. The intervention will seek to assist learners to:  1) identify their interests and other career attributes, 2) link their career attributes to career choices, 3) make informed choices about their choice of senior school subjects, 4) engage with the career barriers they encounter in their contexts, and 5) render career counselling in line with the needs of the learners. The honour students will submit an assignment in which they critically evaluate their intervention. This initiative has been piloted in Kayamandi and with funding will be extended to schools in Cloetesville, Jamestown and Klapmuts. There is also has an active research focus to the intervention involving master’s and doctoral students.​661

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