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Grondrestitusie nie ʼn totale mislukking, maar probleme bly pla nie ʼn totale mislukking, maar probleme bly pla
Entrepreneurskapsopleiding vir US-personeel vir US-personeel
US-navorsers ontvang gesogte Fogarty-toekennings ontvang gesogte Fogarty-toekennings
Kwesbaarheid assessering op die Bergrivier en Olifantsrivier opvanggebiede assessering op die Bergrivier en Olifantsrivier opvanggebiede
Mandela het nie swart mense uitverkoop – sprekers by kollokwium het nie swart mense uitverkoop – sprekers by kollokwium



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Sosiale Impak Simposium Impak Simposium2018-09-12T06:00:00Z
Sosiale Impak Oriëntering Sessie Impak Oriëntering Sessie2018-04-04T06:00:00Z
Verwelkomingsweek: Sosiale Impak Oggend Sosiale Impak Oggend2018-02-01T06:00:00Z jou inisiatief in vir ons Nuusbrief se betrokkenheid by skole

Nuutste InisiatieweBeskou Alle Inisiatiewe oversight and strategic governance for a National Lotteries funded public benefit organisation aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities​The knowledge and skills of staff of the School of Accountancy is utilised to support a local public benefit organisation, ChangeAbility, to adhere to the governance requirements of donors. Internal controls and codes of best practice are implemented. Budgets are reviewed and financial performance monitored to enhance the sustainability of the organisation. The organisation serves the communities of Cloetesville, Kayamandi, Macassar and Groendal. Programmes focus on Health and Awareness Promotion and Community Development. The organisation manages a peer supporter network within these communities.897 Literacy Teachers Program 2018 ​Short course presentred to grade 8 and 9 Financial Literacy teachers in the Western Cape. A course will be presented on basic financial literacy (accounting equation and accounting cycles) on 25 and 26 June 2018. The course will be presented at Stellenbosch University (lecture venues to be confirmed) to an Afrikaans and an English group of teachers. All teachers from the Western Cape Schools will be invited. It is uncertain how many teachers and from which specific schools will attend. The WCEDhas indicated that subject advisors will encourage those teachers who need development to attend. The objective is to improve the teaching of Financial Literacy, to provide a solid foundation going forward into the field of accountancy.893 - access to Higher Education for Deaf personsWorking with the DeafNET Centre of Knowledge ( ) in Worcester, the aim of the initiative is to increase access for persons who are Deaf and dependent on Sign Language, to Higher Education. Specific activities include: supporting students who have the necessary qualifications to enrol in Higher Education, but who need Sign Language and other communication support in order to access, participate and contribute fully. ​784

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Ons kwartaallikse nuusbrief hou u op hoogte van nuus, aktiwiteite en gebeure van sosiale impak.
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