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SA se pogings om kindergesondheid te verbeter ondervind aanvangsprobleme se pogings om kindergesondheid te verbeter ondervind aanvangsprobleme
Africa Open-student en -personeellid ontvang HSS-toekennings Open-student en -personeellid ontvang HSS-toekennings
Biodiversiteit trek swaar in warmer klimaat trek swaar in warmer klimaat
Mediese student gekies om 'die wêreld te help verander’ student gekies om 'die wêreld te help verander’
Energie-navorsingsprogram slaag met vlieënde vaandels slaag met vlieënde vaandels



Biodiversiteit ly weens klimaatsverwarmings ly weens klimaatsverwarmings




Sosiale Impak Simposium Impak Simposium2018-09-12T06:00:00Z
MGD / SI Kalkfontein Gesondheidsinformasiedag / SI Kalkfontein Gesondheidsinformasiedag2018-05-26T07:00:00Z
Sosiale Impak Oriëntering Sessie Impak Oriëntering Sessie2018-04-04T06:00:00Z jou inisiatief in vir ons Nuusbrief se betrokkenheid by skole

Nuutste InisiatieweBeskou Alle Inisiatiewe Park: Academically-based community interaction​​​​Ukwanda has established links within the Avian Park Community (Worcester). Under the supervision of program related clinical supervisors students have set patient appointments at the Learning Centre. The clinical supervisors​ uses this opportunity to teach and engage students at primary health care level. Since 2011, the cohort of Student Interns based in Worcester for the last 12 months of their final year weekly accompany the community-care workers on home visits in Avian Park. Whilst fostering the interdisciplinary nature of health care, all Health Science students are given an opportunity to learn in a rural and under-served community.933 Cape High School Learner Engagement Programme – Science and Research​​This project aims to engage high school learners from the Western Cape about both basic education on Tuberculosis as well as giving them some insight into a career as a researcher/scientist. ​ Presentations and small demonstrations will be given to the leaners. 923 Ceres Community Partnership Function: an Ukwanda Centre for Rural Health initiative​The Community Partnership Function (CPF) is aimed at providing an opportunity for students from the FMHS who work in Ceres and the Ceres community to collaboratively reflect on projects they have been involved in. The event is a celebration of partnerships within the university and between the university and local partners ranging from governmental, NGOs, NPOs and community residents. The aim of the event is aligned with the Stellenbosch University strategy on Social Impact by providing an opportunity for inclusivity and transformation by using innovative community engagement, which embraces diversity, to collaboratively reach excellence moving forward. The event in itself holds potential for both transformative learning and active citizenship. The aim of the CPF is therefore in line with FMHS vision and mission. Prof Jimmy Volmink, in reference to the Worcester CPF spoke of 4 C's that were evident during the day's events: Community, Context, Collaboration and Compassion. The event has in other environments aided the development of projects that focus on active, responsible and critical citizenship of students and staff in the local communities.​919

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 Inisiatief Telling per SDG Temas

Ons kwartaallikse nuusbrief hou u op hoogte van nuus, aktiwiteite en gebeure van sosiale impak.
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