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Research and Technology Fund (RTF)

​​The Research and Technology Fund (RTF) was established by Department of Agriculture & Forestry to address the following:
  • Maintaining the competitiveness of the sector for commercialisation and foreign markets;
  • Degradation of natural resources associated with climate change;
  • Low productivity by the small holder farmers; and
  • Policy and institutional arrangements which inhibit growth and development of the sector.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants should be full-time employees​ at Stellenbosch University or have an employment contract with a duration at least equal to the number o​f years for which the RTF funding is approved. Applicants should also have experience and qualifications in Agriculture, Forestry or Fisheries research and have the capacity to supervise students at postgraduate level.


The RTF will initially be investing through the following two funding models:

​i)      Co-funding model (CoFM)
CoFM-supported projects’ research topic and area will primarily be directed by the industrial partners who will also be co-funding these projects.
ii)    Competitive funding model (CompFM)
CompFM projects will be funded from the RTF fund without necessarily receiving co-funding from any industrial partners.

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