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Communiqué from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)

​​​​​​​​​​​​Click here for the latest communiqué from the Department of​ Higher Education & Training (DHET) regarding e-books and so called ‘predatory’ publishers. *3 September 2014

Previous correspondence as received from the Department of Higher Education & Training regarding the identification of predatory journals and the rejection of subsidy for publication in these journals refers. DHET identified two lists of journals in their communication namely a list of predatory journals as well as a list of possible predatory journals. In both instances subsidy for 2016 publications in these journals were rejected. DHET recalled this decision (see the official correspondence in this regard​) after heavy criticism from various sources, especially in the case of the the second list of possible predatory journals since no indication was given as to the criteria that were used in compiling this list. ​

* 6 February 2018

Please see the communique, here,  for the reversal of some of the Scopus journals as predatory journals 31 August 2020

Click here for the discontinued 2022 Sc​opus Journal List.