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​Contract Approval Process

​​ The Policy on Contract Research Management at Stellenbosch University explains the contract approval process in detail.

  • A letter of approval  by DRD is attached to the contract and it is sent to the Stellenbosch University signatory once:
  • DRD liaise with Finance, InnovUS, Insurance and Ethics where necessary in order to ensure that SU is adhering to all the terms of the contract and applicable legislation
  • After registration at DRD, one of the legal advisors will review the contract and if necessary DRD will negotiate the contractual terms with the Client
  • This contract number is linked to the new cost centre, which has to be opened for each contract/project where there is a financial component
  •  DRD registers the contract/project, a file is opened and a contract number assigned
  • On acceptance of project proposal Client either sends a draft contract for approval by the Division for Research Development (Research Contracts Office) (DRD) or DRD sends a standard contract to Client for consideration
  •  DRD and the Client has agreed to the terms
  • The researcher is comfortable with the budget, milestones and delivery dates
  • The internal declaration letter and any other required documentation has been received from the researcher
  • Only the authorised representative of Stellenbosch University may sign a contract on behalf of the University
  •  The signed contract is sent to the Client via courier from DRD