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REC Humanities Templates and Guidelines   ​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Templates and guidelines for download.

Contains a list of documents that should be attached to ensure a thorough and timely review of an ethics application.

Document download Description
Short CV template A short CV template for the purpose of research ethics review
Response letter template
This template can be used to draft a response to comments made by your Ethics Committee. The response/cover letter assists with expediting the review of your revised form. By including a response letter, you guide the reviewer to the specific section(s) that you have revised. It also gives you the opportunity to explain or motivate the reason(s) for your response/revision. Please ensure that you write your response in a numbered-format (based on the numbering of the comments in the feedback letter) and that you indicate which section, or page number you made your edits to the form/attachments.
Non-disclosure agreement for study personnel​
This template was designed by the Research Contracts Office within the Division for Research Development. Please use this template for non-disclosure agreements between principal investigators and study personnel such as fieldworkers, research assistants, student assistants, transcribers and translators.

Template for seeking permission
This template was designed by the Faculty of Engineering and has been adapted for general use by REC applicants. This is a template for a request letter for the purpose of seeking gatekeeper/organisational permission for access to data or participants.