Division for Research Development
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National Research Foundation 

​​​​​ The National Research Foundation (NRF) is mandated to promote and support research through funding, human resource development and the provision of the necessary research facilities in order to facilitate the creation of knowledge, innovation and development in all fields of science and technology, including indigenous knowledge, and thereby contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of all South Africans (www.nrf.ac.za).

Funding opportunities which are made available include:

  • Research and capacity development

  • Infrastructure development, i.e. specialised research equipment

  • Bursaries and scholarships

  • Travel funding (and equipment-related mobility)

The Division for Research Development is tasked with validating all applications for NRF funding, Grantholder-Linked nominations for student support, (annual) progress reports, etc. The NRF has strict deadlines and researchers are urged to adhere to the internal deadlines set by DRD. ​

Important Deadlines-.png 

13 February 2019

Internal closing date: Submission of 2018 Annual Progress Reports (closing date 13 February) 

15 March 2019

Submission of 2019 Student Nominations (Grantholder-linked)

29 March 2019:

Reserving bursaries for the Second Semester

31 July 2019:

Second semester student nominations