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Towards the end of 2000, South Africa's presidency challenged Stellenbosch University to develop a programme that takes HIV training and capacity building to the managers and labour leaders of the workforce. The rationale behind the challenge was that, regardless of what is done in the community, prevention and care had to be extended to the workplace in order to make a dent in the spread of the pandemic. This led to the development of the Postgraduate Diploma in HIV and AIDS Management, first presented in 2001. Today the Centre also presents a master's programme.

As a direct result of the success of the programmes, the Africa Centre for HIV and AIDS Management was established in January 2003. The Centre is an independent academic unit for education, research and community service related to HIV and AIDS management in the workplace.

The Africa Centre offers the most comprehensive HIV training programmes in the world.​ Clic​k her​e for more information.


  • PGDip (HIV/AIDS Management)​ ​
    • ​MPhil (HIV/AIDS Management)​
    • PhD ​(HIV/AIDS Management)​

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