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Chevaan Peters7/18/2024 16:18System Account7/3/2024Community Interaction; Community Interaction Carousel; Community Interaction Snippet; SU Main; SU Main Carousel; SU Main Snippet; SU Main List; Transformation; Transformation Carousel; Transformation Snippet
Community Interaction Carousel;Community Interaction Snippet;Community Interaction and Personnel Carousel;
7/3/2024 14:49Nelson Mandela Day 2024 - #ITISINYOURHANDS
FMHS Marketing & Communications – Sue Segar7/18/2024 16:00System Account7/18/2024Alumni Carousel; Medicine and Health Sciences Carousel; SU Main Carousel
Alumni Carousel;
7/18/2024 15:46FMHS students grade SU’s planetary health status
FMHS Marketing & Communications7/18/2024 15:51System Account6/26/2024Medicine and Health Sciences Snippet
6/26/2024 10:39R28 million Fogarty grant bolsters bioinformatics training in Africa
Corporate Communication and Marketing/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking7/18/2024 14:54System Account7/18/2024SU Main Carousel; Nico Koopman Carousel; Theology Carousel; Transformation Carousel
SU Main Carousel;Nico Koopman Carousel;
7/18/2024 12:26Mandela Day: We must continue Madiba’s courageous journey
Development & Alumni Relations7/17/2024 13:01System Account7/16/2024Convocation Carousel; Alumni Carousel
Alumni Carousel;Convocation Carousel;
7/16/2024 16:14Rudolph is creating space for others to thrive
Development & Alumni Relations7/17/2024 7:59System Account7/16/2024Alumni Carousel; Convocation Carousel; Donors Carousel
Convocation Carousel;Donors Carousel;Alumni Carousel;
7/16/2024 13:43A top legal expert with a passion for art
FMHS Marketing & Communications7/15/2024 12:51System Account5/10/2024Medicine and Health Sciences Snippet
5/10/2024 10:34FMHS Social Impact report: Healing beyond the classroom
Corporate Communication and Marketing/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking [Alec Basson]7/15/2024 12:48System Account7/15/2024SU Main Carousel; Arts and Social Sciences Carousel
SU Main Carousel;Arts and Social Sciences Carousel;
7/15/2024 11:18GNU should prioritise child-headed households
Sara Grobbelaar7/15/2024 10:01System Account6/24/2024SU Main Carousel; Engineering Carousel
SU Main Carousel;AfricaSU Carousel;
6/24/2024 10:35Women in engineering can help build a better SA
Theresa Schoeman7/12/2024 16:55System Account7/12/2024Music and Konservatorium; Music and Konservatorium Snippet; Staff; Students
7/12/2024 16:45IAML 2024 Congress: A Historic Event in Stellenbosch
Corporate Communications and Marketing (Hannelie Booyens)7/12/2024 15:38System Account7/12/2024SU Main Carousel
SU Main Carousel;
7/12/2024 15:30‘Where on earth?’ The CGA knows the answer
Petro Mostert7/12/2024 14:47System Account2/27/2024Medicine and Health Sciences Snippet
Medicine and Health Sciences Snippet;
2/27/2024 14:49Tygerberg and Bellville campuses awarded for excellence in water management
FMHS Marketing & Communications / FGGW Bemarking & Kommunikasie7/11/2024 15:05System Account3/13/2024Medicine and Health Sciences Snippet; Immunology Carousel
3/13/2024 13:50FMHS scientists shine at SAMRC 10th Scientific Merit Awards
Faculty of Science (media & communication)7/11/2024 14:42System Account7/10/2024Science Carousel; Earth Sciences Carousel; SU Main Carousel
Science Carousel;SU Main Carousel;
7/10/2024 11:57New species of dog-sized dinosaur lived in underground burrows
CISU7/11/2024 14:41System Account7/11/2024Confucius Institute Carousel; SU International Carousel; SU Main Carousel
SU International Carousel;Confucius Institute Carousel;
7/11/2024 14:26CISU contestants shine at Chinese Bridge South African finals
FMHS Marketing & Communications – Tyrone August7/11/2024 14:11System Account4/18/2024Medicine and Health Sciences Snippet
4/18/2024 11:02Doctor, poet and FMHS alumnus Dr Wandile Ganya publishes debut novel 
Daniel Bugan7/11/2024 13:36System Account7/11/2024SU International Carousel
SU International Carousel;
7/11/2024 13:30Erasmus+ mobility programme an eye-opener for SU staffer
CAF7/11/2024 13:06System Account7/11/2024CAF Carousel; CAF Image Carousel
CAF Carousel;
7/11/2024 12:50CAF Online Winter School:  Analytical Techniques for Biomedical Sciences
CAF7/11/2024 12:33System Account6/8/2024Central Analytical Facilities; Research & Innovation Carousel; CAF Carousel; CAF Image Carousel
CAF Carousel;
6/8/2024 10:55CAF Winter School for Postgraduates
Corporate Communications and Marketing (Hannelie Booyens)7/11/2024 11:31System Account7/11/2024SU Main Carousel
SU Main Carousel;
7/11/2024 11:23Social Impact: Merin Jacob advocates for compassionate solutions for homelessness
SU-UIC7/11/2024 11:23System Account7/11/2024SU Main Carousel; SU International Carousel
SU International Carousel;
7/11/2024 10:59SU-UIC approves release of IEB’s international May 2024 examination results
Chris Jones & Pregala Pillay7/11/2024 9:51System Account7/11/2024SU Main Carousel; Theology Carousel; Economic and Management Sciences Carousel; SPL Carousel
SU Main Carousel;Economic and Management Sciences Carousel;
7/11/2024 9:32African Anti-Corruption Day: Whistleblowers help to combat corruption
Faculty of Science (media and communication)7/10/2024 16:15System Account7/10/2024Science Carousel; SU Main Carousel
Science Carousel;
7/10/2024 14:45Walking 160 kilometers to raise funds for postgraduate studies in polymer science at SU
Faculty of Science/Fakulteit Natuurwetenskappe7/10/2024 16:14System Account7/4/2024SU Main Carousel; Science Carousel; Microbiology Carousel
SU Main Carousel;Microbiology Carousel;Science Carousel;
7/4/2024 17:19Two new species of Psilocybe mushrooms discovered in southern Africa
Media & Communication, Faculty of Science7/10/2024 14:34System Account9/13/2022Science; SU Main Carousel; Students Carousel
Science Carousel;Students Carousel;
9/13/2022 14:23“I didn’t know one can do so many things with a BSc-degree!”
The Conversation7/10/2024 12:46System Account7/10/2024Medicine and Health Sciences Carousel
Medicine and Health Sciences Carousel;
7/10/2024 12:39South Africa’s healthcare system: eight steps that would get it on the right track
Corporate Communication and Marketing/Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking7/10/2024 9:42System Account7/8/2024SU Main Carousel; Science Carousel
SU Main Carousel;Science Carousel;
7/8/2024 9:04Prof Donita Africander advances women’s health through groundbreaking research
Development & Alumni Relations7/9/2024 11:51System Account7/9/2024Alumni Carousel; Donors Carousel
Alumni Carousel;Donors Carousel;
7/9/2024 11:41Spes Bona Initiative uplifts medical students  
Development & Alumni Relations7/8/2024 17:38System Account7/8/2024Alumni Carousel; Donors Carousel; SU Main Carousel; Theology Carousel; Arts and Social Sciences Carousel
SU Main Carousel;Arts and Social Sciences Carousel;
7/8/2024 11:07Donor leaves R50 million to Stellenbosch University
Development & Alumni Relations7/8/2024 14:45System Account7/8/2024Alumni Carousel; Donors Carousel; SU Main Snippet
Alumni Carousel;
7/8/2024 14:32Alumna takes on Comrades for 'missing middle' students
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