Welcome to Stellenbosch University

​​​​​​​​​Welcome to all our students at the new academic year. Reggie Nel.jpg

​What an exciting year awaits us! Last year was a year of reflection, growth – and therefore of setting new prospects and making new commitments. We have been challenged by our students to walk closely with each other in order to experience and embody what we talk about (and write about!); what we confess. This is especially relevant to gender violence, but also about a greater degree of inclusivity as a community.

Towards the end of last year we reflected on the question: What kind of community do we want to be? This led to us embracing the values of our university, but also wanting to pursue a specific vision and mission. Hopefully you will see – and experience – all the values we confess: compassion, respect, accountability, excellence and equity. However, in this year we also want to open up wider honest yet compassionate conversations.

We do this as a community in Africa that is proud of our roots. But we remain committed and contribute to scientific research and practice worldwide. We also strive to continuously empower our wide range of students from diverse contexts in terms of race, gender, age, denomination and religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status etc. As a community we would consciously cultivate and nurture a transformative student experience. Change is not always comfortable, but it is essential to be relevant and innovative.

To be part of this culture and to contribute to it, we invite you to take part in it. The faculty and university have numerous structures and processes in place in which you can participate. Remember, your success is also our success. This is a shared journey. We invest in your future, which is also our future.

It is at this point where this booklet comes in. Please make use of it to equip yourself with all the information you need to participate, grow, and communicate in all the aspects of faculty life. If you do not communicate with us – especially your lecturers and fellow students – we cannot offer you the support you need. So, take responsibility for your own progress, but remember that you don't have to do it alone. Be accountable, be safe... And enjoy this exciting year with all its opportunities and possibilities!

You are part of the new culture in which we EMBODY our values.

​​Dean: Prof Reggie Nel

Tel: +27 21 808 3254​