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​​​​​​​Welcome to the Faculty of Theology from the Dean's Off​ice​​

The Faculty of Theology is a faculty of Stellenbosch University. We are a faculty for theology, and through research, teaching and learning and community action we are a ​knowledge partner for other academic communities, various church denominations and institutions of broader society. We fulfil our vocation as academic institution in local, wider Africa, and global contexts.​

The Faculty of Theology is directed by the Vision and Mission 2030 of Stellenbosch University: future-directedness, inclusion, innovation and academic transformation. Important priorities for the Faculty of Theology, as for the wider university, are student success, expertise, diversity and systemic sustainability. The SU's goal to practise science for society is supported by this faculty. Our academic programmes therefore address public themes like poverty and related conditions, human dignity and public health, democracy and human rights, comprehensive security and peace, and also technological development in a context of systemic sustainability.

Our teaching and learning practices place a high premium on student success. Students are not only admitted successfully, but also assisted to complete their studies successfully. The First Year Academy, tutor and mentor systems and other academic support services for undergraduate students, as well as a full-time mana​ger for research support, are invaluable for undergraduate and postgraduate student success. A new curriculum which was implemented in 2012 and on-going curriculum renewal ensure that the demands of contemporary contexts on local, Africa and global levels are addressed optimally. We strive to establish the typical characteristics of a Stellenbosch graduate in every student.

The Faculty of Theology places a high premium on the building of expertise and theological competence through research – intra-, inter- and trans-disciplinary research. Active research partnerships exist with institutions in local, Africa and global contexts. Investment in the research development of staff and the building of their international profiles, are priorities. Without internationalisation we cannot claim to be an excellent 21st century university. High quality research is indispensable for teaching and learning, and for community interaction.

The research informed community interaction initiatives of the Faculty of Theology focus particularly on church communities and other societal institutions. The faculty and its four research and community interaction centres play a role in various churches, youth organisations as well as institutions in the contexts of economy, ecology and development, political and public policy, public debate, public opinion formation and public decision making processes, and in the wider civil society.

The faculty is committed to excellence through diversity. We work for excellent teaching and learning, research and community interaction through an ethos and culture of diversity, and an epistemology and pedagogy of diversity. Excellent scientific practice is served by a diversity of ideas and insights, perspectives and points of view, students and staff.

Under and post graduate students from a wide spectrum of church denominations study at the Faculty of Theology. The faculty also has agreements with four churches – the Dutch Reformed Church in Southern Africa, the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa, the Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa and the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. The faculty is committed to ecumenicity through particularity. Every particular denomination builds and enriches the inclusive and ecumenical character of the faculty. In 2012 the URC and DRC Seminarium was founded at the faculty for the ministerial formation of their candidates. In some research programmes colleagues from other religious traditions and secular traditions are also involved.

The Faculty of Theology focuses on human dignity in the context of the integrity of creation. Through all our activities we strive to contribute to building a life of dignity for people, animals and nature.

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