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​​​​​​Dr. Christo Thesnaar

Received doctoral degree from:Stellenbosch University / Universiteit Stellenbosch

Research interests:

  • Social, political and religious reconciliation / Sosiale, politieke en religieuse versoening 
  • Intergenerational inheritance / Intergenerationele oordrag
  • Contextual pastorate / Kontekstuele pastoraat
  • ​Processes of Healing Prosesse van Heling
  • Justice / Geregtigheid
​​Most recent publications:

  1. Thesnaar, C H 2013: Embodying collective memory: Towards responsible engagement with the ‘other’. In Scriptura (S1), v. 112, p 1 -115, dec. 2013. Issn 2305-445X​ 
  2. Thesnaar, C H 2014: Rural education: Re-imagining a discourse of reconciliation and social cohesion in poverty stricken South Africa. In  HTS Teologiese Studies/ Theological Studies journal Vol 70, No 1 (2014),
  3.  Thesnaar, C H 2011: Healing the scars:  A theological-hermeneutical analysis of violence from the perspectives of both perpetrators and victims.  In Sciptura 106 (2011), 26 – 37.​