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At the end of the first semester the Department holds a research day consisting of short student seminars on their research project. The ConsEnt research day will be in late May of each year . The research day is intended to provide a conference-style atmosphere where students receive helpful, constructive feedback and criticism from colleagues in the Department. 

All postdocs, PhD students in their 2nd and 3rd years and MSc students in their 2nd years will have an opportunity to present. Departmental academic staff and postgraduate students are expected to attend, while attendance is also open to undergraduate students and researchers from outside the Department. Postgraduate students and supervisors/co-supervisors are expected to schedule other commitments so they are available on these days.  Dr Francois Roets is coordinating the event.



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Students of the department should please send an e-mail to Prof Karen Esler to identify themselves before asking to join the group.  If we don’t recognise you, you will not be able to join! Here...


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