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Vertebrate Conservation

The vertebrate conservation group in the department, headed by Dr Alison Leslie, is made up of a diverse array of projects in a number of countries. However, a common thread amongst the projects is conservation management.

Eleven graduate students are currently working in various fields of vertebrate conservation. The research team in Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi (Kate Spies, Francois Retief, Claire Gordon and Frances Forrer) are studying the population dynamics of elephants, hyena and other predators and various antelope species. Future projects include a reptilian and amphibian survey and a community based natural resource management project.

A cheetah project in Namibia (Chavoux Luyt) is focussing on human-predator conflict on farmlands and a second project in Namibia (William Versfeld) is looking at the population structure and genetic diversity of crocodiles  in the northern regions of the country.

A PhD project in Zambia (Paul Zyombo) is looking at factors influencing wildlife law enforcement efforts and illegal hunting.
Closer to home, Frowin Becker, is mapping and investigating bird flight paths in high-priority wind energy areas and two students (Corle Jansen & Elani Steenkamp) are working in collaboration with the Cape Leopard Trust looking at diet in particular, and human-conflict issues and possible mitigation measures.  PhD candidate, Monlee Swanepoel, is investigating the utilisation of the common warthog in South Africa.

Animals of Malawi in the Majete Wildlife Reserve - 2015 Expedition Briefing ...

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