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Photo Studio Lockley is one of the oldest businesses in Stellenbosch and one of the first photographic studios of South Africa.  The studio was opened in 1900 by Mr. J.H. Watson in the Semper Building, Plein Street.  His daughter married Mr. Colin Lockley, who eventually took over the business from his father-in-law.  In the 1960’s the business was acquired by Mr. Cor Langenberg, and it is currently being managed by his son, Albert Langenberg.  Through the years Photo Studio Lockley became known for taking good quality pictures of students and university related matters, as well as photos relating to the Stellenbosch community.  The collection gives a valuable visual insight into the University and Stellenbosch for the period of c.1900 – 1960 and contains photos of, amongst other:

​Victoria College Students and Full Staff, c.1909
​Harmonie, c.1909
​Stellenbosch University Staff, c.1923
​Stellenbosch Post Office, c.1938


This collection of more than 30 000 negatives have been digitized and can be viewed at the US Archives.