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Stellenbosch University 1918 - 2019

 ​Starting out with four faculties: Arts, Science, Education and Agriculture (currently Arts and Social Sciences, Science, Education and AgriSciences), 503 students and 40 lecturing staff on 2 April 1918, SU today is home to 10 faculties, a vibrant and cosmopolitan community of more than 30 000 students and 3 000 staff members, spread over five campuses.

The Centenary Exhibition, hosted by the University Archives, is a celebration of the people, events and growth in education in Stellenbosch that contributed to the institution we know today.

The Exhibition can be viewed by appointment, Mondays- Fridays, during office hours.  


Dosente en Studente 1918.jpg 

​​​​Stellenbosch University Professors and Students, 1918.