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Matieland 2010's​​​​​​​​​​

Matieland 1950sMatieland 1950s
Image: Laying of the corner stone in 1880 of the oldest academic building of SU, the Ou Hoofgebou.
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Matieland 1960sMatieland 1960s
Image: Ou Hoofgebou as it looked during the 1960's
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Matieland 1970sMatieland 1970s
Image:  Ou Hoofgebou as it looks today.
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Matieland 1980sMatieland 1980s
Image: MacDonaldhuis used to be where the R.W. Wilcocks-building is currently.  The SU Archives is situated in the R.W. Wilcocks-building.
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Matieland 1990sMatieland 1990s
Image:  Where the R.W. Wilcocks-building is today, there used to be a sport field. The Ou Hoofgebou is visible in the background.
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Matieland 2000sMatieland 2000s
Image:  The R.W. Wilcocks-building as it looks today.
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Matieland 2010sMatieland 2010s
Image:  Aerial view of SU campus.
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Matieland 2020's
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