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Digital Resources

Digitization is an excellent way to simultaneously preserve Archival material and make it more accessible. Please follow the links below to gain access to resources already digitized.


Publication of Die Stellenbosse Oudstudent , predecessor of Matieland,  was ceased in 1947.  However the need to communicate with Alumni and Donors became more and more apparent as the years went by.  Finally in 1957 Matieland saw the light of day.  Through the years the look and feel and the content went through many changes, but to this day it remains an important source of information about Stellenbosch University.  Click here for access to Matieland from 1957 to 2014.

Watson-Lockley Photographic Collection

The Watson-Lockley collection consists of more than 30 000 negatives, and it gives a valuable visual insight into the University and Stellenbosch for the period of c.1900 – 1960. Click here for access to the Watson-Lockley Photographic Collection.


Edrich Photographic Collection

The Edrich collection, dating from 1946 – 2000, contains more than 40 000 images on all facets of the academic and social life of the University and is therefore an irreplaceable visual resource of Stellenbosch Click here for access to the Edrich Photographic Collection


​Victora College Council, 1917​Stellenbosch University, 1975Stellenbosch University Council, 1997