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Mandeladagvieringe: US-studente besin oor diensbaarheid aan die samelewing US-studente besin oor diensbaarheid aan die samelewing
US neem deel aan 8ste Internasionale Simposium oor Diensleer (ISSL 2021-22) neem deel aan 8ste Internasionale Simposium oor Diensleer (ISSL 2021-22)
MGD bevorder student-gedrewe betrokke burgerskap bevorder student-gedrewe betrokke burgerskap
US en sy talle vennote verlig nood en sy talle vennote verlig nood
Lewende Skooltuin ’n baanbrekerprojek Skooltuin ’n baanbrekerprojek



Die Amanzi Yimpilo projek Amanzi Yimpilo projek




US fasiliteer skepping van Lückhoff Lewende Museum fasiliteer skepping van Lückhoff Lewende Museum2019-10-26T10:00:00Z
MGD Algemene Jaarvergadering Algemene Jaarvergadering2019-09-26T16:30:00Z
2019 Sosiale Impak Simposium Sosiale Impak Simposium2019-09-06T06:30:00Z jou inisiatief ons nuutste nuusbrief​ Personeellid aktiwiteit

Nuutste InisiatieweBeskou Alle Inisiatiewe Learning (Art Education)In the Service Learning module students are required to work at an educational institution or NGO/NPO as an assistant educator for three weeks. A portfolio of evidence is required confirming participation or involvement to fulfil the requirements for this component. From this experience, a learning problem related to critical citizenship needs to be identified, and developed into a research question. The Service Learning module aims to create socially conscious students who would be able to practice as qualified art educators. Students are encouraged to engage in the transformative potential of art and a responsiveness to a South African and African context. The Service Learning module further aims to invite students to bring forward their lived experiences within the practical component and placing high value on the learning context which might offer alternative experiences of cultural expression that they have not been exposed to before. The module draws from the critical pedagogical approach of Paolo Freire (1983), which aims to harmonise the relation between formalised education and lived experience. In order to develop a concrete understanding of the transformative potential of the creative arts, the module is committed to the Freirean principles of emancipatory education and social relevance. The module hopes to draw connections between diverse experiences that might provide a more nuanced understanding of a South African reality. The motivation behind MA Visual arts (Art Education) programme and also the Service Learning module is to utilise the creative arts as a broader framework for social transformation, democratic development and constructive debate. The possibility of forging closer working ties between the University, state-run programmes and community-based initiatives promises to give more substance to the University's claims to social relevance. ​1345 ME IN​This initiative is aimed at improving the Foundation Phase learner’s numeracy skills. Through the envisaged programme, pre-service teachers (student teachers) will provide recreational maths activities to support the development of number concept and problem solving skills. In an attempt to address the Maths crisis, this service-learning project will focus on supporting pre-service students to create Maths Clubs in after care facilities and schools in the Greater Stellenbosch and Franschoek Community.​1358 Buddies Science club​More or less 150 less fortunate school learners are brought to the university on certain Saturdays during the year where they are supported and guided to do research by following either the scientific method or the design engineering method. The intended outcome is the gain of various skills such as computer and internet browsing skills, planning a research project in a meaningful way, getting ethical clearance, following various methods to get data, capturing data electronically, drawing graphs and communicating their research. Through guidance learners can therefore answers questions they had about certain issues or phenomena, or to come up with a practical solution for an identified problem.  Learners are encouraged to participate in the regional Eskom Expo for Young Scientists competition. Mentors play a crucial part in guiding the learners to plan meaningful research projects and to stay focussed.In case Covid-19 prevents the functioning of Science Buddies Science Club in the above format, teachers and learners will be guided and supported in the following ways:1) sending out a detailed, step by step timeline and program with all the necessary dates, actions and necessary document websites to schools;2) sourcing the contact detail of learners and support them via bulk sms;3) establishing a virtual Science Buddies Science club via Google classroom.1328

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 Inisiatief Telling per SDG Temas

Ons kwartaallikse nuusbrief hou u op hoogte van nuus, aktiwiteite en gebeure van sosiale impak.