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US en sy talle vennote verlig nood en sy talle vennote verlig nood
Lewende Skooltuin ’n baanbrekerprojek Skooltuin ’n baanbrekerprojek
'Ek kán lees'-projek bemagtig leerders én studente'Ek kán lees'-projek bemagtig leerders én studente
Entrepreneurskapprojek gee jong mense hoop gee jong mense hoop
Finansiële Geletterdheid-projek wil inlig en bemagtigële Geletterdheid-projek wil inlig en bemagtig



Die Amanzi Yimpilo projek Amanzi Yimpilo projek




US fasiliteer skepping van Lückhoff Lewende Museum fasiliteer skepping van Lückhoff Lewende Museum2019-10-26T10:00:00Z
MGD Algemene Jaarvergadering Algemene Jaarvergadering2019-09-26T16:30:00Z
2019 Sosiale Impak Simposium Sosiale Impak Simposium2019-09-06T06:30:00Z jou inisiatief ons nuutste nuusbrief​ Personeellid aktiwiteit

Nuutste InisiatieweBeskou Alle Inisiatiewe Learning (Art Education)Students are required to work at an educational institution or NGO/NPO as an assistant educator for three weeks. A portfolio of evidence is required confirming participation or involvement to fulfill the requirements for this component. From this experience, a learning problem related to critical citizenship needs to be identified, and developed into a research question.1269 of Philosophy Facebook Page​The aim of this initiative is to create an online presence for the Department of Philosophy where we can share Departmental news, popular articles written by Departmental staff as well as others, and any interesting tidbits that those interested in philosophy can engage with. The page also serves as a platform for ex-students of the Department to stay in touch with both the Department and with philosophy in general. Overall, we want to make philosophy accessible to a general audience who may not otherwise have access to the Department's resources and expertise.1266 the socio-political history of the arts in Stellenbosch​Through engaging the people of Stellenbosch in dialogue and collective remembering and sharing, Collaboratively rewriting the Socio-Political History of South African Arts hopes to help bridge the social divide that exists in the town due to ingrained perceptions of the past and so build a collaborative new history together. The RHAS initiative has encouraged Master’s and Doctoral level research which is directly engaged with the artistic productions of the previously disadvantaged communities surrounding Stellenbosch. Students whose research forms a part of this initiative are engaging with fieldwork which is vested in these communities and conducted in consultation with local partners, in order to contribute to a broader and more inclusive understanding of the cultural heritage of Stellenbosch, informed by the diverse socio-political realities of these communities. This initiative adds value to Learning & Teaching in the outputs generated from the research , which goes beyond academic publishing and dissemination through conference activities. The project is in the process of constructing a living archive of the research undertaken, which could be used for the educational context both within the university and beyond, by learners, teachers and the general public. The students that are part of this project are responsible for populating this digital archive with their research data, and in consultation with staff and community members, to curate the content for public use. 1270

 Inisiatief Telling per Fakulteit

 Inisiatief Telling per SDG Temas

Ons kwartaallikse nuusbrief hou u op hoogte van nuus, aktiwiteite en gebeure van sosiale impak.