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Nuwelingstudente maak reuse verskil met sosiale impak-projekte maak reuse verskil met sosiale impak-projekte
Bevorder sosiale impak deur studentebetrokkenheid sosiale impak deur studentebetrokkenheid
iKaya Primêre skool skakel sy sonpalene-selsel aan Primêre skool skakel sy sonpalene-selsel aan
Sosiale Impak-simposium werp lig op transformasie aan die US Impak-simposium werp lig op transformasie aan die US
Die Universiteit Stellenbosch bring hulde tydens Mandela maand 2023 Universiteit Stellenbosch bring hulde tydens Mandela maand 2023



Die Amanzi Yimpilo projek Amanzi Yimpilo projek




Sosiale Impak‑gemeenskapsoggend 2024 Impak‑gemeenskapsoggend 20242024-02-08T07:00:00Z
Uitnodiging Vier erfenisdag 22 September 2023 Vier erfenisdag 22 September 20232023-09-22T10:00:00Z
Sosiale Impak Simposium Impak Simposium2023-09-01T07:00:00Z jou inisiatief ons nuutste nuusbrief​ aktiwiteit

Nuutste InisiatieweBeskou Alle Inisiatiewe’s Awareness & Discovery Days for You (PADDY)​​The Parkinson’s Awareness & Discovery Days for You (PADDY) initiative aims to address the lack of understanding and support for Parkinson’s disease (PD) in South Africa through educational events and research collaboration. Aligned with Stellenbosch University's vision of health advancement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), PADDY seeks to raise awareness, support research, revitalize support groups, and engage students in social impact activities. PADDY plans three key events: a small activity on World PD Day, a Research Day in September, and a Public Awareness Day in November. These events will involve interactive sessions, presentations, and engagement with the PD community and researchers. With support from multidisciplinary research partners and societal organizations, PADDY aims to increase awareness, empower students through practical experience, and strengthen PD support networks. Expected impacts include improved national awareness of PD, holistic training for students, and empowerment of PD support groups for sustained community impact. PADDY also aims to secure external funding and establish long-term partnerships for sustainability, fostering ongoing support and advocacy for Parkinson’s disease awareness and research in South Africa.1616 Exercise Clinic (PEC)The PEC is a social impact initiative that aims to improve access to physical activity education and movement and exercise therapy for children with conditions related to rheumatological, immunological and neurological conditions. The PEC is a collaborative effort between the Division of Movement Science and Exercise Therapy, and the Department of Paediatrics and Child-Health. It has a two-part approach: one aspect takes place at least once a week at Tygerberg Hospital during specific condition clinics (rheumatology, immunology or neurology, including neurodevelopmental) where paediatric patients can receive Biokinetics-related services, including evaluation and education on physical activity, movement and exercise interventions. Part two takes place at the Movement lab at the Division of Movement Science and Exercise Therapy in Stellenbosch, where patients can participate in specialized exercise interventions in a small group setting twice a week with the clinicians and honours students at the division.  The initiative provides biokinetics-related services to the public health sector, especially to individuals (patients themselves and their parents/caregivers) who cannot afford them or do not have access to such services and support. Additionally, it educates individuals on the importance of physical activity, how it can be beneficial to chronic conditions and how to implement it. The initiative also conducts research to understand and address evidence-based exercise interventions and evaluation methods, and barriers and benefits of physical activity of children with rheumatoid, autoimmune, and neurological conditions. Furthermore, the initiative offers learning and collaborative opportunities for Biokinetics students and interns, with other healthcare students, interns/doctors-in-training and providers/clinicians, such as Kinderkineticists and Paediatric doctors part of the Tygerberg Paediatrics units for Rheumatology, Immunology, and Neurology. 1606 vegetable garden to feed my family and my community​Food insecurity and malnutrition remain significantly high, particularly in the global south (Jensen & Orfila, 2021). Urbanisation (Urbanet, 2020), climate change, Covid-19 pandemic, price volatility of food products contributes towards food insecurity (Jensen & Orfila, 2021). Considering that 67.9% of South Africans currently reside in urban regions, it is argued that a significant number of urban households cannot afford to buy food (O'Connor, Boyle, Ilcan & Oliver, 2017). This project falls within the focus of community service with the aim of providing food security to various stakeholders. The aim of the vegetable garden is to produce nutrient dense vegetables, make them accessible and affordable to the consumers and hospitality entities of the Department of Defence in the West Coast. The long-term goal of this initiative is to encourage the Military Academy, SAS community and Middlepos Primary School to start vegetable gardens, as a way of improving food and nutrition security. It is the vision of the team that the Military Academy becomes a supplier of lettuce, spinach, onions and tomatoes, as we are currently far from reaching the Millenium Development Goal number 1: To end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030".​1607

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