​​Basic values in action workshop


Naming our values is easy, but putting them into action in our daily activities may often present some difficulties. The values in action (ViA) workshops enable participants to develop a common understanding of the kind of university community we want to be and to master skills to steer through challenging values conflicts. These workshops are informative, experiential and practical.   


A ViA workshop covers the following four themes:

  • Values: What do they mean and why do they matter?
  • Values conflicts: What keeps us from dealing with them?
  • Values conflicts: How can we go about resolving them?
  • Values integration: How do we make it part of how we act and relate?

Who can attend?

  • Dedicated workshops: Specific units and/or teams may request a dedicated ViA workshop for their unit/team, e.g. deans and their academic and operational leadership group, PASS leaders and their management teams.
  • Open workshops: Individuals and ad hoc groups across the University may find it ideal to attend the open workshops.


  • Participants will gain competence in voicing their values and working through values conflicts.
  • Other skills include the development of proactive values-driven processes for important tasks and the integration of values in all types of interpersonal interactions such as conversations, meetings and transactions.


The programme is normally presented onsite as a full-day workshop comprising four work sessions. Special needs will be taken into account for groups desiring different versions of the programme.

Due to the personal and interpersonal nature of the learning experience, attendance should preferably not exceed 20 people.


  • Please contact us to discuss the options.