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All research, consulting, external work and goods delivered by departments must be invoiced via the debtor system. No invoice may be created on Stellenbosch University letterheads or generated by computer programmes. The debtor system should be used at all times to create invoices.

The Financial Policy (section 2.7) stipulates SU's rules and regulations with regard to the issuing of invoices and the income accounts that should be used. 

The person who issues the invoice must ensure that the correct income account is used. Refer to the Financial Policy (section 6.1) for the accounts that should be used for invoicing against research cost centres.

Payment should be made into the University's account electronically or per cheque with the invoice number as a reference.

Refer to VAT under Financial Information for the relevant income accounts.

  • Departments issue/create their own invoices via the debtor system; please contact the relevant financial or administrative officer in your department or faculty to assist you in this regard.
  • When a department's debtor(s) have debt outstanding for more than 90 days, the relevant department is responsible for following up on the outstanding income. 
  • No request per invoice from the debtor system may be made for donations that qualify for a Section 18(A) donation receipt. Please contact Development and Alumni Relations.
  • No invoices may be issued towards income account 5596 without prior approval from Financial Services.
  • No income may be recorded against an expense account.


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