Division for Research Development
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Incentives for publication and creative research outputs

​​Stellenbosch University rewards publication units (as recognized by the Department of Higher Education and Training) as well as creative outputs through financial incentives.

Publication outputs (SOS funds)
An amount is awarded annually for publication units (journal articles, books and book chapters, and published proceedings) that qualify for a subsidy from the Department of Higher Education and Training. The amount awarded is determined by each Subcommittee and paid into the respective central research accounts of the qualifying department / institute / bureau / centre / division / identified group. No application is required for this funding, but outputs must have been submitted and approved during the annual survey for research outputs.

Creative Outputs (SOS funds)
The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) awards the subsidy unit(s) to every successful accredited creative output submitted.
The internal incentivizing of the creative outputs are recognised in a similar way as for the publication outputs. The amount awarded for a subsidy unit, is determined annually by each Subcommittee of the Research Committee and the respective incentive is paid into the qualifying department/centre/identified group's central research account. No application is required for this funding, but the creative outputs must have been submitted and approved during the annual survey for creative outputs. More information on the annual survey for the creative  outputs can be found here.