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Animal Care & Use​​

The mission of the Research Ethics Committee: Animal Care and Use (REC: ACU) is to ensure the humane care and use of animals in research, teaching and testing to ensure compliance with the South African National Standard for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 10386:2008 and applicable regulations (Section 23 (c) of the Veterinary and Para-veterinary professions Act no. 19 of 1982 and Section 20 of the Animal Health Act of 2002).


The REC: ACU must review and approve any activities that involve the use of live vertebrate animals (as defined by the SANS: 10386). Specific examples of such activities and/or uses are:

a) Research (wildlife; laboratory animals, farm animals and aquaculture)
b) Teaching (practical session)
c) Testing (antibody, vaccine etc.)


Replacement of so-called “sentient" animals wherever possible, with “non-sentient" research models or systems in order to eliminate the use of animals that can experience unpleasant sensations.

Reduction of the number of animals in experiments by designing strategies that facilitate the use of the smallest number that will allow valid information to be obtained from the study.

Refinement of animal sourcing, animal care practices and experimental procedures to eliminate physical and psychological distress within the limitations imposed by the objectives of the research.


Freedom from hunger and thirst

Freedom from pain, injury and disease

Freedom from distress

Freedom from discomfort

Freedom to express behaviours that promote well-being

This interactive workshop will focus on the NRF’s evaluation and rating process. The focus is to address researchers` specific questions about the rating process and the online application itself.

• How to determine when you are ready for rating
• Do`s and Don`ts when filling in the application form
• How “considerable national/international recognition” is defined
• The role of bibliometrics in the decision-making process

For more information on the workshop contact: 

Aasima Gaffoor


For more information on how to register contact:
Fadwha Patel
Tel: 021 808 9325

*Registrations are not open as yet​​​​

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