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Postgraduate Studies​​

      Required application documents

​Your application will be considered as soon as we receive all your admission documents. If we do not receive all your documents by the closing date, your application will unfortunately not be considered. Your signed contract, your application documents (finalised and complete) as well as proof of payment must be uploaded online before the closing date. Remember to place your student number on each application document to ensure that we can identify the documents. 

Your application docu​m​ents

Your c​ontrac​​t
  • Please print out, sign and upload. Electronic signatures are also accepted. Please note that the signature should be unique and identifiable. Typed or block letters will not be accepted as a signature.
  • Peruse our video link for assistance.​​
Student support form

(Students with special needs)

​Certification of qualification documents
  • Please ensure that you include qualification documents for each tertiary qualification obtained and that the documents are official and certified . This implies that your original qualification documents (academic transcript and accompanying degree certificate) which you received upon graduation must be stamped and signed by the awarding institution, notary public, or a Commissioner of Oaths.
  • If you make use of the postal or police services, please ensure that the stamp includes the date, name, signature and rank of the officer. Individual date stamps will not be accepted.
  • To mitigate COVID challenges to access academic transcripts and proof of registration for currently enrolled students, online documents obtained from self-serving portals will be considered. Please note:
    • The name of the institution and the applicant (including the student number) must be specified on the document.
    • This is only accepted in cases where a student is currently registered for a degree programme.
    • Please ensure that the document is not password protected.
  • Electronic copies provided should be clear and legible (not blurred, cropped or obscured). Only pdf and jpeg format will be accepted.
  • If you have obtained a qualification and your final degree certificate is not available when you apply, please provide us with official proof that you have completed the qualification. Please note:
    • Proof of completion can include a declaration from your institution or clearly stated on your academic transcript.
    • Proof of completion should not be older than one year from the date the degree was conferred for qualifications obtained at South African Higher Education Institutions.
    • If, however, you have obtained a qualification outside of the South African Higher Education system (international qualifications), proof of completion should not be older than five years from the date the degree was conferred.
    • You will be required to provide evidence of original qualification documentation upon registration should you gain admission to the degree programme.
  • Qualifications shorter than 12 months in duration will not be considered and you do not need to list these qualifications or upload the documents.
  • If you have previously studied at Stellenbosch University, you do not have to supply any transcripts or degree certificates awarded. As we already have access to your academic history.
  • Stellenb​osch University reserves the right to request original and/or additional supporting documentation should this be deemed necessary at any point.​​
Sworn translations
  • Qualification documents in foreign languages (other than English, Afrikaans or Dutch) must be accompanied by sworn English translations, and certified by an official translator. In other words, both the documents in the original language and the English translation must be submitted. Please upload the sworn translation with your qualifications.
  • If you have obtained a qualifi​cation and your final degree certificate is not available when you apply, please provide us with official proof that you have completed the qualification. Please note that the proof of completion must not be older than five years from the date the degree was conferred for qualifications outside of the South African Higher Education system. For South African Higher Education Institutions, proof of completion should not be older than one year.​
Proof of English Language proficiency
  • Required where medium of instruction of most recent qualific​ation was not English.
  • Click here for English Language requirements.​​​