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Phased start-up of on-campus teaching and learning activities for students
One of the possible scenarios following the hard lock-down period which is currently scheduled till 30 April 2020, could be a so-called “smart lock-down" phase allowing businesses and possibly universities to recommence their services in a responsible way that limits the risks of COVID-19 infections.
The overarching SU strategy remains to provide online learning for at least the rest of term 2 of the first semester of 2020, and to do the assessments (tests and examinations) online as well. However, faculties have already started identifying programmes and modules where students have to perform certain academic activities on our campuses. Support services are developing measures to use and maintain SU learning facilities in such a way that it allows for appropriate social distancing and adequate sanitation to prevent the spread of the virus once our students resume on-campus activities.
The details about which students should be allowed to return to campuses and by when will be communicated as soon as we have a clear indication of the next national measures to curtail the current health pandemic.


Online learning support
Please log all your online learning and SUNLearn support requests via the portal to allow us to track your support requests and solve it efficiently. You will also find self-help resources on this site.

Providing laptops to students without devices

Based on the feedback obtained from an online survey completed by ±19 000 students, an SMS sent to students who did not complete the survey, feedback from faculties and calls received by the SU Contact and Client Services Centre, SU compiled a list of students who only have access to a cell phone and/or indicated that they would like to make use of SU's laptop loan offer.
SU managed to procure 1 500 laptops that will be made available to socio-economically disadvantaged students who have no connectivity to SU's online learning resources. According to this offer, the price of the laptop will be loaded onto the student's account and reversed when the student returns the laptop at the end of the academic year. An SMS will be sent to the list of students to confirm their acceptance of the offer as well as their physical address to courier the laptop. Once confirmed, the laptops will be set up with the necessary software and delivered to our students. These laptops will be covered by the University's insurance provided that students ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to secure the equipment.
Zero-rated data
Updated information about zero-rating of websites and tips for containing mobile data costs, are available on the Guidance for online learning page.
To assist our students we have compiled a set of zero-rating FAQs for easy reference


tygerberg support for online learning

Technological Support:

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Programme specific support:

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planning for online learning

Online learning provides convenience and flexibility, however there are some barriers that can stand in the way of online learning success, such as the feeling of being overwhelmed by a lot of information and tasks to accomplish. Therefore, we have provided some tips below on how to best plan your time, so that you effectively complete your tasks for learning. Below are suggestions on daily planning, weekly planning and monthly planning.


Guidelines for Online Learning

Planning for Online Learning

Preparing for Online Learning Infographic


tips for temporary online learning


Understanding online learning practices and expectations can be quite daunting as it offers a lot of flexibility in where and when you complete your coursework. However, that flexibility means that you need to take some extra steps to ensure successful online learning. Since you are not attending classes according to a set schedule you will find yourself with a lot of unstructured time and you may be unsure of what to do first and how to continue with your curriculum. Below, we have outlined 10 tips to help you stay focused and successful during this  transition to online

Tips for Temporary Online Learning

Tips for Containing Mobile Data Costs​​

tips for online communication (netiquette)

The term netiquette is derived from a combination of the word ‘net’ (from the internet) and the word ‘etiquette.’ This entails respecting the views of all online users and to display courtesy when posting your own views to any online discussion groups. Netiquette helps to ensure effective and respectful online communication.

Tips for Online Communication (Netiquette)